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Most of us know about various heart diseases by which a person can die. Heart strokes or attacks are very common and never allows a person to have a second chance, hence it is very important to think about your heart and instead of using medicines try some naturalistic ways to avoid heart issues.

Why don’t we go with the Yoga, which has a powerful healing effect on the whole body, not only on the muscles, ligaments but also on the internal organs? Yoga asanas have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, on the heart itself. This effect occurs both directly and indirectly – through the impact on the nervous system, spine, pericardial muscles. In yoga, the best asanas are useful for regulating the work of the heart and preventing violations in its work. If you have heart problems, before you perform any exercise, even the gentle one, you better ensure to get the permission of your doctor.

Asanas for heart health:

Mountain pose

This is very simple to perform asana, but the complexity of it in the constant preservation of internal effort and control over the position of the body. It helps us to get correct posture, open the chest muscles and clamping the heart. To be in the same position, stand on the edge of the yoga mat, connect the feet, hands on the sides of the body-deployed palms out, straighten the spine, slightly bend the knees and twist the coccyx forward. Breathe evenly and calmly. If you keep interests to learn yoga, then you can do the same from Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh.


Bend back

Put your feet on the width of the pelvis, now bend your knees at a small angle and rise up your arms and back, bend behind the hands, open the chest muscles. Stretch a little and return to the mountain pose. This is the best yoga pose for the heart and will improve the blood circulation in the body.

The garland pose

Place the feet in the width of the Mat spread your toes, put your hands together in front of the chest and squat down by pushing hips and elbows between knees. Keep the pelvis as low as possible, straight your back.

Triangle Pose

From the previous position, lower down both hands with palms on the Mat, and with the left foot steps back and turn it slightly inward at an angle of 45 degrees. Bend your right knee towards the right angle. Place the palm of the right hand behind the right foot at the same level, turn the body along the lateral axis, and do not lie down on the hip with your chest. Hold this position for 1 minute and lowering your left hand to the floor, step away with your right foot, and put your left on a level with your hand. Repeat on the other side with breathing evenly and calmly, open your chest and relax your back muscles.

Table pose

Sit on the floor comfortably and bend your knees at a right angle, put your hands behind your back with your fingers directed to the feet. Lift the body parallel to the floor, pushing yourself with your hands. The side of your position should resemble the table. Lock in the position for 30 seconds to 1 min and calmly take breathe and relax.

The bow pose

To be in the same pose lie down on your stomach, bend your knees, and grab your ankles with your hands from the outside. Lift your chest and pelvis with your feet off the floor, look forward without throwing your head back. Do not forget to breathe calmly and try to bend a little back and forth, inhaling and exhaling. Get down on your stomach and sit on your knees.

Try all these poses will be very helpful for your heart and a better life. You can join 300 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh and start your new career.



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