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Columbia Asia Patiala Hospital, part of Columbia Asia Hospitals, is an international health care group that provides its entire suite of services, including highly qualified doctors who follow internationally benchmarked standard protocols, excellent nursing services in very modern settings, and hospitality, which is an important aspect of service delivery. Under one roof, the IVF department combines “highest quality of treatment” with “modern technology,” ethical standards, and multidisciplinary care. The cornerstone of this service is a specialized clinic focused on delivering top-quality, professional, and private services to couples and individuals who are having difficulty conceiving.

To know more about Columbia Asia Patiala Hospital, you can log on to the Credihealth website and get all the information you need. You can book appointments and online consultations at a discounted price through this website. 

Infertility and how IVF can help with it

Infertility is a reproductive system disorder that inhibits child conception and is defined as failure to conceive after 12 months or more of frequent unprotected sexual intercourse. Approximately 80% of couples who attempt for a baby regularly become pregnant within a year. One in seven couples struggles to conceive, and women often become less fertile as they age. 

IVF is a method in which a woman’s eggs are extracted from her ovaries and fertilized in the lab with a man’s prepared sperm sample. The woman is given medicine to stimulate her ovary, causing it to produce a large number of eggs. These are removed under anesthesia with transvaginal ultrasound guidance, requiring a few hours in the hospital. The eggs and sperm are then allowed to fertilize overnight in a petri dish in the lab and develop for 2-6 days in the incubators. To initiate a pregnancy, the best embryos are implanted in the uterus. If there are more high-quality embryos available, they are saved for future use. IVF can be conducted in the following situations:

Columbia Asia Patiala has the best doctors to help you through this difficult time. You can check the Columbia Asia Patiala doctors list on Credihealth which has all their credentials and patient testimonials. 

Advantages of IVF

IVF helps many people who might otherwise be unable to conceive. The ultimate advantage of IVF is a healthy pregnancy and infant. For individuals who might otherwise be unable to have a child, IVF can make this a reality:

Why choose Columbia Asia?

Because quality is fundamental to all they do, Columbia Asia Patiala adheres to the highest standards in all procedures and services. Every couple receives a custom-tailored strategy of consultation, monitoring, research, and therapy that is carefully and sensitively designed to offer the best possibility of success. They are accessible seven days a week to give the best and most prompt service. They closely monitor patients using hormone tests and scans, detecting even little changes that may influence drug selection or treatment time. This attention to detail and devotion leads to the best possible outcomes and a good experience for couples going through this extremely sensitive and hard journey.


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