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Early pregnancy cramps and stomach pain are nothing to worry about. It is normal to have stomach pain and mild cramps during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. This happens because the stomach expands (that is normal during the pregnancy), the ligaments stretch the bump area, and may also cause conditions like constipation. It may feel like a stitch that you may feel during periods. It may give you relief if you pass gas or simply do a poo or pass the wind.

SRV Hospital Chembur is committed to providing immediate relief during such medical conditions. Be it any period cramp or any stomach pain associated with pregnancy, the staff of the hospital gives you the immediate suggestion that may further help you in the pregnancy. Moreover, early pregnancy cramps are normal to have during the first trimester of the pregnancy. But, if you feel regular pain in your stomach, it could also be a sign of stomach stones or kidney stones. A prolonged disease is always harmful. Consult the doctors of SRV Hospital Chembur for immediate concern.

What are the signs of early pregnancy cramps and how does it feel?

Sometimes, at the end of pregnancy, a period-like cramp may occur. There is nothing to worry about in such situations. These are normal to have. But it persists for more than a week, so you may consult the doctor immediately.

Moreover, pain may become worst if it is the cause of miscarriage. It is important to listen to your instincts at such times. If you are worried about your pain and if it doesn’t go by itself and if you feel something wrong with your stomach in such a condition, consult your doctor. It is always best to have a consultation, there is nothing wrong with seeking a physician even if it is a small pain. Persistent pain doesn’t go by itself. You may require to go to the doctor or may call it an emergency.

Moreover, you may feel the following types of pain in your stomach:

Severe pain on one side of the lower stomach in early pregnancy

This pain could be a symptom of ectopic pregnancy. Other symptoms may include:

Severe cramps in your stomach accompanied with or without bleeding that persists for several hours 

This could be a sign of a miscarriage or placental abruption.

Early pregnancy cramps before 37 weeks

Sometimes, having a premature baby also causes cramps before 37 weeks of the actual date of delivery. It may discharge:

Severe pain that doesn’t go away itself

One of the common pregnancy complications is placental abruption. This may occur along with other complications like:

Pain in the upper stomach 

You may feel strong painful pressure in the later stage of pregnancy. This can be a sign of the growth of the baby inside the womb. However, if these are early pregnancy cramps that are just under the ribs and side parts of the waist, it can also be a sign of preeclampsia. Other symptoms may include:

Preeclampsia is the type of medical condition that arises in the second half of the pregnancy. It is a pregnancy complication that may occur with high blood pressure or around 20 weeks of the pregnancy.

Lower stomach pain or dull back pain with early pregnancy cramps 

 Call your doctor if you feel any of these complications:

Braxton Hicks’ contractions- the sign that indicates the tightening of muscles

This is another sign of early pregnancy cramps. It is the sign of early contraction of muscles of the stomach. It usually happens in the early 16 weeks of pregnancy. It can also be seen later in the pregnancy stage.

Braxton Hicks’ contractions are:

If the pain is less than 10 minutes, you may not call your doctor. It can be a sign of normal acidity or acid reflux that is common in certain cases of stomach pain or when you eat more than usual. Contraction after 37-40 weeks of pregnancy can be an early sign of labor. It is also called the latent phase of labor.

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