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Breast cancers are not unavoidable or even something to be frightened about. All you have to do is follow up with your general physician to understand self-assessment or mammography. In this present day and age, cancer has become common and most of it is due to the stressful lifestyle that we all are forced to live. Breast cancer can attack anyone, so it is always better if you stay ahead of it to become cancer-free. The latter stages of the disease will only cause you and your family more burdens mentally, physically, and financially.

Risk of Breast Cancer

One of the key factors to note in the case of patients suffering from breast cancer is that almost 80% of those patients do not have any family history of breast or any other forms of cancer. This leads us to conclude that breast cancer cannot be predicted. It is always recommended to start early in the diagnosis process, as only that will help you overcome the disease, if you end up having it. You can also eliminate the adverse effects and consequences of later stage cancer treatments by diagnosing early.

Free Assessment

Several leading medical institutions and cancer treatment centers all across the world are offering free high-risk breast assessment in the form of a free mammography on an annual basis. October is breast cancer awareness month. If you can’t locate any free screening centers near your home, then October is the best time to go for a mammography. Several communities identify and provide a free high-risk breast assessment procedure for women in need or those who are prone to the disease.

High Risk Breast Assessment Santa Fe

This particular treatment involves – first and foremost, a face to face interaction with a cancer specialist or breast cancer professional in your community hospital or a medical facility. This interaction with an expert is often an eye opener for the patient because they’re told about how early women can get breast cancer and what its repercussions are if the disease is left untreated. If the patient already shows cancerous cells in their breast, the expert will discuss the best personalized treatment plan for the condition, provide counseling, and even provide a list of other tests that the patient may have to undergo, which can include genetic testing, MRI, ultrasound, and mammography.

Some of the best breast cancer treatment facilities are in the United States. If you are unable to find one near you, never hesitate to contact one that is farther away. High risk cancer patients must be treated at the earliest so that doctors can plan a comprehensive plan to fight the disease. It’s always better to be proactive than reactive as an aging woman because the last thing you want is for the disease to take of your life.

It all starts with scheduling a trip to the doctor’s office. Beyond that point you can let the doctor decide what’s best for you in terms of if you have a family history of breast cancer of if you are a low-risk patient.

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