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An HME billing difficulty has always been an unavoidable occurrence. It is also one of the explanations why healthcare practitioners are going beyond traditional data analysis to more powerful outcome-based analytics, such as outsourcing their RCM, on a daily basis. There is no doubting that the whole home infusion pharmacy industry has been characterized by high-cost medications and razor-thin margins. Today, you may be minimizing profit margins by hiring an in-house HME biller rather than hiring someone through outsourcing. A lot has changed, and worker shortages are a big impediment in every industry, including healthcare.

Rising Healthcare expenses in the USA is a matter of concern

Furthermore, rising healthcare expenses in the United States are putting pressure on payers to provide more cost-effective services and better member experiences, which can only be accomplished by outsourcing. As of now, having a team of skilled billers and coders handle your HME billing is a significantly more expensive affair, and because in-house billers sometimes juggle between jobs, it frequently results in delays in the entire billing process as well as in reimbursement rate.

An outsourcing organization that provides HME billing services has skilled staff that collects everything you owe, ensures that all claims are filed accurately, and that authorization and eligibility checks are completed on time. It is critical to stay financially active today, and missing out is a big error.


Why is Sunknowledge your preferred HME billing partner?

You must first acknowledge your HME billing partner’s credentials. With actionable insight, the right one recognizes how to better your front and back end. Several individuals assume that obtaining recommendations from clients who have received collective support is the best approach to proceed. Everything is determined by how well-positioned your HME billing provider is in the business.

We are a champion HME billing firm because we recognize the importance of assisting with all of the heavy liftings such as:

Sunknowledge has worked with top-tier urgent care providers and payers and has a best-in-class first pass record of 96%. We’ve established tailored processes to reduce HME billing and coding errors by adopting what we’ve learned from payees. We are a group of more than 4,500 highly qualified and experienced billers and coders who serve as an operational extension for healthcare businesses.

We are the only RCM support provider that provides a complete package or services a la carte. We charge as little as $7/hr or 1.99% of all collections from any service. Our expertise and dedication will assist you in increasing your business collections. Furthermore, with the pressure of HME billing removed, your staff will be able to focus on patient care.

As a result, in these challenging times, no one compares to our competence as a trusted extension in HME billing. Schedule a call with the Sunknowledge team to discover more about how we can serve as your dedicated extension. We excel where others fail as an RCM destination.

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