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Undoubtedly, people may face the consequences of heartburn at some point. Following that, an individual needs to understand that uncomfortable as well as burning pain can be its symptoms. One must note that symptoms of heartburn may not indicate any harm at times. Here, an individual’s daily routine can get hampered by heartburn. Furthermore, one should seek the best gastroenterologist in Bangalore for this purpose.

A reader may go through this article to learn about the vital symptoms of heartburn. Eventually, one can also come across several treatment options for this condition.

Which are the common symptoms of Heartburn?

Initially, a person’s mild discomfort can turn to extremely uncomfortable accordingly. Primarily, one may have a burning sensation in the chest as well as the stomach due to this condition. Besides that, an individual’s symptoms of heartburn may differ from another due to several reasons.

A few common symptoms of Heartburn may include the following:

What are the main causes of heartburn?

Generally, one can experience heartburn when the stomach’s content is back up in the esophagus. Following that, a person needs to know that there are several other causes of heartburn.

A few main causes of heartburn may include the following:

Most importantly, pregnant women may feel the symptoms of heartburn during their third trimester. One should contact a gynecologist if these symptoms come up.

Obese individuals may have a difficult time with heartburn due to certain reasons. Here, one’s excess weight may sometimes increase abdominal pressure. 

If one’s the upper part of the stomach penetrates through the diaphragm, then heartburn happens. Besides that, a person suffering from a hiatal hernia may experience weakness or a tear.

Usually, a person having blood pressure medicines and other medicines can raise the possibility of having heartburn. Following that, one must consult their doctor before choosing any medicine.

Mainly, an individual should know that smoking is weakly linked with the occurrence of Gastrointestinal Reflux diseases. Furthermore, a person who reduces smoking may eliminate their chance of getting heartburn.

Therefore, people must go through all the above causes that can end up in heartburn. Eventually, one needs to remain aware of the same for their benefit.

How much time does Heartburn stay?

People must understand that heartburn can impact differently. In general, an individual might experience the symptoms of heartburn after eating. Besides that, one should believe that heartburn’s symptoms may last for a few minutes to several hours. At times, one may continue having the signs of heartburn for a long period.

Moreover, people need to know that signs of heartburn depend upon the underlying cause. However, an individual should take OTC antacids as well as prescription medicines for lowering these symptoms.

How can doctors diagnose Heartburn?

Initially, a doctor must go through the medical history to diagnose heartburn. Moving on, one’s doctor may recommend a treatment plan depending on the cause of heartburn. Many times, healthcare experts can go for lifestyle changes as well.

Certain ways of diagnosing heartburn may include the following:

A doctor may use an X-ray for checking out the stomach, esophagus, and other parts of the gastrointestinal system. Furthermore, one must drink chalky liquid before going for this diagnostic test.

One’s healthcare provider may pass a small tube equipped with a camera from the throat. By doing so, a doctor may easily check for an ulcer in the esophagus. 

Thus, people must understand that there are various other tests for determining the type of heartburn. Later on, one’s doctor may design the treatment plan accordingly.


What are the best treatment options for Heartburn?

Most importantly, doctors may go for over-the-counter medicines for treating occasional heartburns. Besides that, an individual can choose prescription medicines for treating frequent heartburns. In case one’s medicines don’t work, then additional treatment must be needed.

Certain best treatment options for heartburn may include the following:

One needs to understand that stomach acids can be neutralized with the help of antacids. An individual may get quick relief from antacid symptoms with these medicines. Furthermore, a person must note that several other symptoms may be attained with the antacids.

People should believe that proton pump inhibitors can decrease the amount of acid in the stomach. A person’s damaged tissues in the esophagus can be healed with the same.

A person can reduce the amount of acid that the stomach makes with histamine blockers. In general, an individual needs to understand that long-term impact can’t be witnessed with the help of histamine blockers.

However, people may need hernia repair surgery if a hiatal hernia causes heartburn. Moreover, one can also go for topical steroids for attaining inflammation.

Which lifestyle changes can help during Heartburn?

Undoubtedly, medical experts may recommend best-in-class treatment for attaining heartburn issues. Moving on, an individual must understand that heartburn symptoms can also be eliminated with lifestyle changes. Ultimately, one may also prevent heartburn symptoms in this manner. 

A few lifestyle changes that can help during Heartburn may include the following:

Usually, a person must have smaller meals throughout the day to prevent heartburn. An individual’s stomach may produce less acid by digesting less food.

An individual must make a list of foods that can trigger heartburn symptoms without any delay. By doing so, a person may avoid triggering foods and drinks causing heartburn. 

One must realize that quitting smoking can be the best way to reduce heartburn. Furthermore, a person must talk to their healthcare provider regarding the same. 

Many times, abdominal pressure contributes to heartburn issues in life. Besides that, one can also go for weight loss strategies to avoid this condition.

Therefore, people must follow specific lifestyle modification tips to avoid heartburn issues. Ultimately, one can speak with their healthcare expert regarding the same. 

Which are the primary risk factors of Heartburn?

People must note that certain risk factors may trigger heartburn symptoms automatically. An individual must know the risk factors for escaping heartburn’s signs.

Certain risk factors of heartburn may include the following:

However, pregnant women may also experience heartburn issues in their life. Many times, people with excess weight can also become the victim of heartburn. 

Which are the major Home Remedies for Heartburn?

People need to know that heartburn can be fixed with several home remedies. Still, an individual may experience certain complications with the same at times.

A few home remedies for Heartburn may include the following:

One should understand that ginger can relieve heartburn symptoms at times. But, an individual need to take only a few amounts of ginger as it can end up in heartburn issues.

A person needs to know that some episodes of heartburn can be attained with baking soda. Furthermore, one should not take baking soda frequently as it may trigger heartburn.


People should realize that heartburn symptoms may come up at any time. Eventually, an individual may seek appropriate treatment options to handle heartburn issues. So, one can contact the top gastroenterologist in Bangalore for the same. 

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