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You hope you can have a baby and are curious about the likelihood of your baby’s “advanced maternal age.” Gender is one of the primary predictors of your ability to understand. The fertility declines at the age of 30 and continues to fall until the menopause is reached.

That said, a healthy baby can not be born only after 35 years, it is quite normal. Here is a description of the chances for “young” women.

By the Numbers

In your 20s, you are at your peak fertility. Healthy, age-old women who try to conceive are about one in four who are pregnant in a single menstrual cycle. 25 out of 100 women succeed every month, in other words.

By the age of 40, an average healthy woman is just five percent pregnant.

At the same time, the age rises in the risk of miscarriage. A 40-year-old is average of losing the pregnancy at about 40 percent. For someone in her 20s, that’s less than 15%.

When you are over 45, it is normal that you “are not likely to be pregnant for most women,” the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists says.

Reasons for Fertility Drop

Just like your eggs are old. And of them, you have less. You were born with about 1 million of all the eggs that you will ever find in your life. You could have around 300,000 left before you hit puberty. At 37, you only have 25,000 or 2.5% of your initial count. The less eggs in your ovaries, the lower the chances of conception. This is significant.

Even though you are pregnant, the chances of your older eggs being miscarried are more likely to have defective chromosomes. Women after 30 also have more chances of getting pregnant, such as endometriosis and uterine fibroids.

Also critical is the production of your sperm partner. As men age, their sperm appears to swim more slowly and loses its form. Yet until after the men enter the 60s, sperm quality does not fall steeply. You can opt fertility center in hyderabad.

Your Options

Mother Nature might need longer and more support than many older women who try to conceive. If so, it may make pregnancy possible in various types of reproductive medicine.

You may consider fertility therapy if you are under 35 years old if you have tried to get pregnant without success for more than a year. If you are 35 and older, this period will be reduced to 6 months. YIf you have some medical problems that may damage your chances of developing, your doctor may advise you to seek fertility assistance immediately. You might suggest:

Drugs that stimulate egg production

In vitro fertilization (IVF).

You may want one day, but you are not ready now, if you know you would like a child, you can freeze the fertilized IVF egg later. When taken nearest to the most fertile years, the embryos would likely have a high quality. A clinic will check the viability of your eggs or the possibility of having a healthy pregnancy.

The use of an egg or embryo donor is another choice. A clinic will use a younger woman’s healthy egg and fertilized with the sperm given to your husband to put it in the womb to take and deliver the baby. Opt to iui treatment in chennai.


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