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Owning a property has always been a lucrative investment. But, much like your portfolio stocks, your property needs constant care and maintenance. The list goes on, with issues with plumbing, leaky walls, broken rooves, chipping pain, crowned weeds, overdue leases, payment of tax. If home management were quick, you wouldn’t read this article by watching a YouTube video now, wouldn’t you? Yet there is a way to simplify the management of property and building. You can opt Property Management for NRI in Hyderabad.

1. You stay far away from the property you own

Naturally, if you are an NRI, your property in India is literally too far away to handle it yourself. Your contact, who may be a relative or an acquaintance, would probably also be very far from your property in India. The distance does not mean property maintenance as much and effectively as possible. This ensures that your property suffers. As the owner, it’s time to take your own company and employ a property manager!



2. There is simply not enough time to check on your property

Control of your property will take a back seat with your daily job, family , friends and hobbies. Perhaps you don’t have time to check your property or call your mediator to check it for you. The advantage of hiring an ownership company is that it regularly reviews the property without any reminders. Professional companies often plan and keep you posted, like Propadis. If free time is a privilege, it’s time to hire an enterprise!

3. You own multiple properties

It’s nice to have more that makes a big profit for you. The downside, however, is that you can not give every property you own equal time and effort. It, by the way, is not a concern for a corporation with competent property management. Organizations such as Propadis have an expert team at your fingertips that makes it easy to prioritize each of your assets.


4. You are unsure of what property management involves 

Hey, you can not be expected to be a master of all. Property management sometimes involves: 

Knowing common property related issues and their fixes. 

Having the right contacts to get fixes implemented 

Having an in-depth understanding of property law 

Staying current with property rules and regulations 

Knowing the impact of the environment and weather on a house 

With an ever growing and challenging list, it is sometimes best to let professional rental management companies handle property management for you. You can opt for elder care in India.

5. Vacancy problems 

As an NRI with property in India, it is a smart idea to rent it out (if you haven’t, give us a call immediately!) Renting is a good way to monetize your property. The problem, however, is managing tenants while staying hundreds of kilometres away. This gives rise to tenant issues and ultimately, vacancy. This question simply goes away with a property management company on hand. 

6. Leadership has become a challenge 

It may be annoying to get a call from an Indian neighbor to fix a broken shower head when you are at an important meeting. That’s why you need trustworthy on-site mediators. Like Propadis, reputable property management companies take steps to keep the employees happy. We treat every problem responsively and professionally, ensuring that mundane tasks never bother you. 

7. You are uncertain how much the tenants will be paying 


Property rates or sales rates vary from country to country, even city to city! When you charge too little, you could lose a good profit, while charging too much can scare potential tenants or purchasers away. Why take a risk if experts can advise you? Property managers survey your house, the region and the average rental / sales prices and advise you on how to charge your land. 

8. You can not advertise your property 

It is impossible to find tenants for rent or to purchase your property without advertising your home. There are a number of ways: internet ads, selling pages, recruiting realtors, installation of billboards, etc. Unfortunately, the high number of options just leads to more nuisance. You really do not want to waste time and resources. That’s all right because property ads and promotion are things that experts, such as Propadis, are happy to do for you. Ensuring that the right buyer or renter enters your property is our highest priority!


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