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Due to the numerous steps involved in the claims creation process, it’s very common for Urgent Care billing to go wrong. As a result, clinics and health facilities are all too frequently underpaid for urgent care services.

To avoid this situation, consider the following five critical Urgent care billing tips:

Option 1: Make your agreements

You have a slim chance of being paid on time or in the correct amount if your clinic does not have proper contracts in place with local payers for medical services. Before you open your clinic, you should have all of these contracts in place. As a result, you won’t be negotiating while waiting for claims to be paid.

If you have to negotiate contracts, you won’t be able to accept insurance coverage from your patients, which means you’ll have to operate solely on cash.

Option 2: Make good front-desk practices a habit

Instead of asking if anything has changed since their last visit, front-desk staff should be trained to check each patient’s current insurance. This can help to eliminate some incorrectly filed urgent care billing claims, such as those with the following error:

When information is submitted to an incorrect payer, it may be necessary to resubmit the claim or the claim may be denied entirely because it was sent to the wrong payer. It’s also a good idea to have your front-desk staff review denied claims regularly to see if there are any patterns.

Option 3: Important charges should not be overlooked.

In the day-to-day frantic pace of a medical facility, it is very easy to overlook some valuable charges and thus miss out on an entitled payment in urgent care billing.

Are all common procedures. These are a few of the most common blunders that people make. The volume of drugs dispensed is another area where there is a lot of oversight and therefore underpayment. To ensure every service is charged accurately, make sure your staff is trained to recognize and include these frequently overlooked charges.

Option 4:  Making use of the proper billing codes

Choosing a lower-level 2 or 3 code when coding Urgent care billing charges may appear to be the best option. Higher-level codes, on the other hand, are frequently justified and should be used in those circumstances. Your medical practice could be losing a significant amount of money every day by underestimating the code levels on charges.

In addition, the American Medical Association updates codes regularly, and thousands of new codes have recently been added to the database. Ensure that your office staff is familiar with the new codes and that they are used correctly when billing.

Option 5:  Using the right code modifiers

Code modifiers help identify the service provided to a patient and provide additional information on any given charge beyond the base code. Although Urgent care billing code modifiers are frequently required to determine what type of service was provided, they are not always required.

These modifiers are frequently overlooked or misapplied, resulting in an inaccurate representation of the service provided. Make sure your employees are familiar with these code modifiers and know which ones are accepted by all payers.

Sunknowledge is an Urgent Care Billing specialist

In this situation, Sunknowledge can help you get your claims paid and your losses minimized. Our proactive and streamlined revenue cycle management process ensures not only a consistent flow of cash into your business, but also complete visibility and assurance of your payments – at every stage of the Urgent Care billing process.

We provide the following special benefits:

In addition, no write-offs or adjustments will be made without the client’s consent, and no contracts will be binding. In addition, we help with $1/3 million in Hiscox/Geico omissions and commissions. Make use of the expertise of our experts. Right now, you can learn more about the Sunknowledge Urgent Care Billing Plan by contacting us.

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