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If you are bearing the physical or mental health problem, massage therapy provides important basic or admiring treatment selections. Medical studies describe that Massage is for comfort and relaxation also brings a lot of health benefits that are helpful to deal with a variety of diseases and states. studies tell that massage can decrease heart rate, decrease blood pressure and enhance blood circulation and lymph running. University of California San Francisco Medical Center describes that “It also relaxes muscles, improves range of motion and increases endorphins, which all can enhance medical treatment”. Massage is helpful and not concerned about which disease you have. Although, there are some options in which massage is a prominent tool to decrease the signs and recover that condition. Massage Edmonton is also a good and widely used healthcare tool. In this article, we will try to discuss how the disease is treated by Massage.


Massage provides comfort and has become a great way to decrease various pain situations that are due to surgery or injury to long-term issues. for example, Studies describe, that massage therapy is beneficial to those who are bearing the low back pain issue. Massage can fast blood running to body parts that are suffering pain and provides the natural painkillers of the body.

Depression and anxiety:

mental health problems are solved by Massage. Let’s take an example, a study by the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) mention that massage decreases the stress hormone by 53% cortisol in patients suffering from anxiety. The natural treatment enhances serotonin and dopamine according to research, which is helpful for people that are suffering depression. Massage can also solve the problems of prostate adenoma.

Headaches and Migraines:

Many conditions bring the issue of headaches, such as stress, fatigue, and other health problem, also disease are included. Massage is helpful to release tension and pain and makes the patients able to decrease the indications of headaches or go away from them. research shows that a person who is suffering Migraine if he gets a massage for relaxation some symptoms of head pain reduces peak signs and enhances the sleeping standards.

Breast cancers:

According to the AMTA release a study that tells that Patients of breast cancer can take advantage of massage by reducing stress and pain. Massage before surgery comfort the muscles and tissue and improves the running of lymph. Massage after surgery by women who are experts to implement lymph drainage methods from a professional massage therapist to their treatment may reduce pain and swelling. Further, releasing pressure and anxiety, massage is beneficial for the people who are suffering or improving with cancer treatment to minimize their state of depression, pain, fatigue, sleeping issues and nausea. There are classified ads in Pakistan that are helpful to provide details about the advantages of massage therapy.

Repetition of strain injuries:

people who are passing through repetitive strain injuries can be treated good by massage therapy or problems that affected the muscles and joints and symptoms such as tenderness, throbbing pain, tingling or loss of sensation are due to them can also be deal. These problems are due to overusing a group of muscles, balancing a specific posture for a maximum duration, heavy lifting, and many other reasons. You can get Thai massage services through social media “WhatsApp”.

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