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Dental emergencies are more prevalent than you would believe and can strike anybody at any moment. Common dental emergencies include toothaches, fractured or otherwise damaged teeth from sports injuries, severe oral infections, and sudden tooth loss.

Below are some of the most typical cases dentists encounter and some advice on how to handle an emergency after it has happened in order to help you better understand what a dental emergency is and the potential effects it may have on your dental health.

1. Cracked, chipped, or broken tooth

If you have a chipped, damaged, or cracked tooth, you should visit the dentist right away. Leaving a problem unaddressed might result in future problems, such as missing teeth or bacterial accumulation inside the tooth.

Young children breaking their teeth while playing outside or on the school playground is a regular occurrence. Many pediatric dentists ensure they have free time in their schedules each day to assist in restoring their beautiful smiles if any injuries do occur.

Your pain may be intolerable and may necessitate further care or treatment to help alleviate the suffering. However, by seeing your dentist as soon as possible, they can help prevent the pain in the first place.

2. Discomfort following treatment

Your mouth requires time to heal and recover after undergoing dental procedures like wisdom tooth extraction, root canals, or dental implants.

In order to find out why the pain is developing and how it might be handled, you should call your dentist right away if you suffer any unexpected pain or discomfort following treatment.

3. Toothache

An emergency dentist may be needed if you get a toothache that is unbearably painful since it may be the consequence of a serious problem that needs extra care. Infections impacted teeth, and even your wisdom teeth are examples of potential culprits. Visit your dentist if the pain doesn’t subside or becomes intolerable.

4. Dental injury 

Sports injuries are a frequent cause of dental emergencies.  Most cases are related to contact sports, such as American football, or ice hockey. The majority of people experience impacted teeth or broken/chipped teeth, which may result from a severe accident.

It’s crucial to see an emergency dentist right away if you sustain a cracked or broken tooth as a result of an impact during a game. particularly if your tooth has been entirely knocked out. In this scenario, you must bring that tooth to the dentist so they can assist you in recovering your smile.

5. Dental abscess or infection

A tooth abscess can be caused by a bacterial infection that commonly results in a pus pocket forming within your gum. Plaque that is not eliminated from your enamel can often allow hazardous bacteria to enter the pulp of your teeth. It is critical to brush and floss your teeth every day to prevent problems like these. Common abscess symptoms include:

Untreated infections have a tendency to spread to other oral tissues or organs in your body. Hence, it is crucial to identify the infection and begin treatment as soon as possible.

The bottom line

If you start showing signs of any of the aforementioned dental conditions, avoid postponing your dental visit as this will only exacerbate your problem, and eventually worsen your symptoms. Instead, get medical attention as fast as possible to preserve your oral health and save your smile. An experienced specialist will ensure you are pain-free and comfortable during your treatment and will recommend the best ways you can look after your teeth and gums going forward. 

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