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One and today’s a buddy I’m going to be doing a review on four products from Matrix and they’re from the brass off the collection. So if you want to hear how they worked out for me then just keep on watching with this collection. There are four different products so there’s a shampoo conditioner a mask and a leave-in conditioner.

And I’ll just read the box you can get a better idea of how these products are supposed to work out. So basically it’s an ultra-rich hormone that helps repair and protects fragile hair while neutralizing brassy tones. So first with matrix total results brass off shampoo

Neutralize Brassy Tones

This is supposed to neutralize brassy tones. And this has a purple tint and basically with this shampoo. This is a sulfate shampoo. So I was a little bit hesitant at first because sometimes I know what those shampoos. It could be very harsh on your hair and could also make her feel very stripped.

But I found that this was extremely gentle. This is it did an amazing job at cleaning my hair and it just made my hair very manageable and it also left my hair feeling very soft afterward when I was done using it. So I like how this worked out for me. And then next I use the commissioner and this one is for nourishment. And then I followed up with the mask and this is a custom neutralization mask. And basically, I just use both of these products together because whenever I’m using conditioner in my hair that is something that I need to be like three times the size for my shampoo because I go through it pretty quickly.

Rinsing It Out

So instead of using one and then rinsing it out and then following up with a mass I just decides to use them together. So what I did was I focus the conditioner more towards the roots of my hair and then since my hair is mostly colored towards and since it is growing out and it’s more of a body effect then I focus on the mask. 

Since this does have a dark blue tint and I just use it in that area. So that’s how that looks. And I found that these did an amazing job at leading my hair and feeling very hydrated my hair felt very silky I was able to tangle it very easily.

And when I rented out my hair felt very soft. So then afterward I use the leave-in conditioner and basically, this is supposed to soften it’s smooth and it’s supposed to protect your hair. And also with this product, it is supposed to seal your cuticle and it protects your strands from heat damage basically up to four hundred and fifty degrees Fahrenheit. And two hundred and 30 degrees Celsius. 

Smelled Amazing

So I was really happy to hear this. And when using this product I use about a medium size amount and I just evenly distributed that throughout my hair and left my hair feeling very soft and my hair smelled amazing as well.

So in regards to the system as a whole, I like how these products worked out for me. They left my hair looking great feeling great and smelling nice as well. And in regards to how it worked to neutralize any brassy tones, I followed that I have seen a slightly different, not a slight difference. Nothing too major. And the thing about it is when I was reading the shampoo you’re supposed to do this every other day. 

Higher Results

So I think if you were using this product a little bit more frequently you would have higher results and you’d be able to see more of a significant difference.

So for me specifically I did use this system three times and I basically use it every five to seven days and I just noticed a little difference. So this is how my hair is looking afterwords from using it. And I do like how the results are in terms of how my hair looks and feels. 

Brassy Tones Being Gone

But in regards to any of the brassy tones being gone, I would say that I do still have some brassy tones but I notice a small difference. So, of course, I think that results will vary from person to person and depending on how often you use this mine.

And I also did want to mention since the shampoo and the mask do have that purple and that pollutant you do want to be careful when using it because it could get a little bit messy and if you do have a fair skin and you want to be careful that it doesn’t stain because you can use some gloves when using this but I didn’t use gloves. But yeah you just want to make sure to clean off your skin. For me, my ears did have a little bit of the product afterward so I just wipe that away and it came off perfectly fine.

And you just want to be careful in your shower as well because it can kind of get all over the place. But as long as you wipe it away and wash it then I’ll be perfectly fine. And also when using these products you do want to make sure that you read the back and do a test prior because you just want to make sure that you don’t have any irritations or if you don’t have any allergies so you can just read about that and do the test so that it’s perfectly safe for you to use.

I like how they worked out for me

So overall that was my experience using the products and I like how they worked out for me. So if you want any more information about this line then check that schmucks below. And don’t forget to comment subscribe and I’ll talk to guys later by.

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