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Learning about your child having ASD – Autism Spectrum Disorder can be an overwhelming experience, even if you have opted for the best psychiatrist in Dubai. No parent can ever be ready to hear this diagnosis. For some, it can be downright scary. As a new parent, it might be confused, concerned, and unsure of what to do.

A common belief is that ASD is incurable. While it is not entirely true as one does not grow out of this condition, numerous treatments assist children in learning new skills and overcome an expansive range of development challenges that are part of ASD. A professional psychiatrist can help you go throughout all of this. There are free government services, in-home behavioral therapy, and school-based programs to help children with ASD and other special needs so they can thrive and lead a healthy life.

Being strong emotionally is the key to effective parenting. And apart from medical care and therapies, here are few tips to make parenting for an autistic child easier for you. These are simple everyday things that can make a lot of difference:

1.   Positive Mind Set

You need to focus on the positive. Like anyone else, autistic children also respond well to positive reinforcement. Praise them and encourage them when they do well, it will make both you and them feel good.

Tell them what you liked about their action. Then, find ways to reward them. It can be a special treat, a prize, or some extra playtime.

2.   Consistency is Key

Those on the spectrum prefer routines, so try to stay consistent and on schedule. Guide them and interact with them consistently, so they can practice what they are learning from their autism treatment in Dubai. This makes the learning process easier for them. Be it new skills or behaviors. This way, you can help them in applying their knowledge efficiently and effectively in different scenarios.

Also, stay updated by talking to their teachers and therapists. Try to remain on the same page to practice a consistent set of methods and techniques at home.

3.   Indulge Your Child in Everyday Activities

Since your child’s behavior is unpredictable and comes as a surprise to some, you might feel like that the easier option would be to steer them clear of certain circumstances and scenarios. Take them along with you when you are running everyday errands such as going to the bank or post office, shopping for groceries, etc. so they get used to the world around them.

Moreover, play with them. Your child might open up and connect with you when they are just having fun and doing activities that are not educational or part of therapy.

4.   Take it Slow, Give it Time

Give it some time. Certainly, you will try different approaches, techniques, and treatments to find out the best things for your child. Treatment centers for autism in Dubai provide a wide range of methods to help parents dealing with their autistic children while helping them learn and grow.

However, be mindful that  it is going to be a slow process. So, be patient, positive, and do not get discouraged if your child does not respond well to a certain method.

5.   Get Support When You Need

No matter if you get support online or face-to-face, it can be a big help to get support from other parents, friends, and families. Support groups are quite beneficial as well from where you can share advice and information and even meet parents who have children with ASD. Parents can get help from individual, marital, and family counseling as well.

Make your life easier, ask for help if you want. Camali Clinic is a well-known and reputed multidisciplinary mental health service that provides treatment to both children and adults.

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