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To avoid kidney infection, it is important that we recognize its early symptoms and adopt the necessary vigilance for health. Learn here what are the symptoms of kidney infection …

Kidney Infection: How to identify kidney infection, these are its symptoms and causes

There are many reasons for kidney infection. These include drinking unintentionally dirty or infected water, eating something in which harmful bacteria have grown and we are not aware. In addition, the infection caused by eating many medicines also makes the kidneys ill. Know here how our body signals when there is an infection in the kidney …

Why would kidney infection happen?

In addition to eating and drinking, sometimes bladder infections and urethra (urethral tubes) can also be caused by kidney infection. In such a case, the bacteria grows in the bladder or urethra and reaches the growing kidneys.

Kidney infection is considered a part of UTI. But this is a serious form and consequence of UTI. Therefore, kidney infection is also called ‘Complicated UTI’.

Symptoms of kidney infection

– Most of the infections occurring in the kidneys are indicated by our body through urine. Depending on the color, smell, and quantity of urine, or the discomfort during passing urine, it can be detected that the kidney has been infected.

-But it is not at all that the symptoms of kidney infection can be detected only by urine. Sometimes high fever and too much cold can also indicate kidney infection. However, there are other symptoms as well.

Back pain and nozia

Continuous mild or severe pain in the lower part of the penis can also be a symptom of kidney infection. However, the problem with urin appears with almost every other symptom.

Along with this, a person has a bad mind, does not want to eat anything, and constantly feels that vomiting will come now… all these can also be associated with kidney infection.

Identify kidney infection with urine color

-If the color of your urine is clear and not blurred like transparent water and if you are experiencing a smelle while passing it then it may be a sign of kidney infection.

– You should be alert if the color of urin looks light pink or light red. Because such a color of urin means that some amount of blood is coming from the body together with your urine.

– The color of urin pink or red indicates that there is bleeding in your urinary tract. So talk to a doctor immediately.

Sounds but urin doesn’t

-Urin infection and kidney infection is a very common symptom that during this time a person feels that he is having very strong urin but when he tries to pass the urine, the urine does not come. But the pressure of urination is constantly felt.

– Even if some people feel urination after repeated sensation, its quantity is very less and there is a problem of intense burning and stinging while urinating.

Pelvic area pain

The part above the pelvic bone is called the pelvic area. That is, the part below your navel and between the private part. Where the upper part of the body connects with the lower part of the body.

– In the event of a kidney infection, a person may have pain in the pelvic area. This pain can be mild and also fast. Some people get this pain suddenly, while some may persist after infection.

Best kidney Treatment in India

Kidney infection should be treated by a doctor instead of taking medicines from medicine or adopting home remedies. Because only your doctor can tell how serious your condition is.

– The condition of some people can be so severe due to kidney infection that they have to be admitted to the hospital. While most people are given medicines after primary checkup and sent home.

Kidney infection medicines usually last for a week and the person is completely cured. However, in some cases its time may increase. If a kidney infection is not treated in time, it can be harmful to life.

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