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Do you use a teeth whitening toothpaste to make your smile more attractive? If so, then there are some things you should know about it. Certain types of toothpaste may lead to irreversible damage to your enamel. 

Today, toothpaste with activated carbon is very popular among people who want to whiten their teeth without the help of dentists. But teeth whitening with activated carbon toothpaste is not really good. There is also a myth that folk remedies are harmless because they consist of natural materials. But using activated carbon may constitute a risk of enamel damage. 

That’s why you should go to a qualified dentist to whiten your teeth. The doctor will choose the optimal procedures for your teeth, depending on your dental health. He or she will explain how to keep your dental hygiene before and after teeth whitening

Dangers of Activated Charcoal

Some people, that believe in myths about the safe use of toothpaste with activated carbon, start to whiten their teeth with this toothpaste every day. This weakens the enamel and leads to cavities and the appearance of cracks on the teeth. These cracks provide accumulating pigments and a place for bacteria to grow. This increases the risk for appearance of gaps in the teeth.   

Cleaning teeth with activated carbon may lead to erosion of enamel and as a result, you may irreversibly damage your teeth. It’s not just toothpaste that may damage your enamel, but certain food products that are abrasive as well. 

It’s true that most whitening toothpaste may ruin your teeth, rather than improves your smile. This is because almost all of them contain abrasives – little particles, that remove spots and food from the teeth. 

Toothpaste with charcoal usually contains aggressive particles, which may damage the enamel. Besides, to date, people try to avoid toothpaste with fluoride, which means that when we brush our teeth, we aren’t protecting them in any way.

Benefits of Fluoride and Fluorine

Intensive cleaning with toothpaste containing abrasive particles provokes a high sensitivity of the enamel. Although too much fluorine may damage our teeth, even if you use toothpaste with fluorine three or four times a day, it will not worsen your teeth. Adults especially need to use toothpaste with fluorine to minimize any risk of teeth damage. 

People think that fluorine and fluoride may impact their immunity. But they don’t think this mineral helps to strengthen their enamel, making their teeth less sensitive to various impacts, including products, that contain acids

It is known that drinking water that contains fluoride is helpful for preventing cavities. Dentists recommend using toothpaste with fluorine without any abrasive particles for improving the health of your teeth. By the way, besides whitening toothpaste, your teeth may be damaged by apple cider vinegar and water with lemon.  

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