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A toupee is a hairpiece or a kind of a partial wig that is worn to either hide partial baldness or to change the look. There can be a lot of reasons to buy hair toupee. However, you should only consider getting a toupee only after looking at the pros and cons of getting one. In this article, we will be discussing the good and the bad of men’s toupees. 

Let us first have a look at the good aspects of getting a toupee for yourself.

Advantages of Getting a Toupee 

Regardless of all the jokes built around hairpieces and wigs, getting the right toupee can actually make a substantial difference in your personality Following are some of the great advantages of getting a toupee.

Fast Solution

You just have to choose the right color, style, and quality of the toupee and you can fix your look almost instantly. This is the best route to get ready for an instant party or for stage performances. Getting a hair transplant or any surgical method is a long-term approach and doesn’t solve the problem in the short-term. Hence, for an instant fix, toupee is the best option.

No Maintenance

Men’s toupees come with permanent styling. You don’t need to style them every day. This is a huge benefit if you consider the effort it takes to style a wig everyday. A toupee fixes this problem for you and hence, saving a lot of time for you.


Fixing damages from hair loss is considered costly affairs. However, getting a hairpiece or a toupee is one of the most cost-effective fixes for your hair loss problems. The initial cost of all the alternatives like getting a hair transplant is too high when compared to getting a men’s toupee. 

The Disadvantages of a Toupee

The advantages mentioned in the first part of the article makes a men’s toupee look like the best option. It indeed is one of the best options in the short-term. However, you should be aware of the downsides of getting a toupee in order to make the right decision.

Unnatural Feel

The synthetic fibers are often too shiny, looking unnatural. If you don’t buy a good quality hairpiece or a toupee, then it might stick out in the crowd as a very awkward look. The synthetic hair used in most of the hairpieces makes them too shiny and hence, they look too unnatural for a human head.

Problem of Odor

The oil from the scalp can get accumulated inside the toupee and slowly it might develop a foul odor. This is a big problem with toupees if they are not maintained properly.

Additional Problems

There are also some additional problems associated with toupee for men. The first being it’s stability as it might get off balance if there is a strong wind blowing out. There also might be another problem of itchiness or irritation in the scalp due to a toupee.

These were some of the advantages and disadvantages of getting men’s toupees. Take all these ints into consideration before buying a toupee.

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