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The COVID-19 pandemic is creating an overwhelming sense of anxiety and panic among people. People are getting so paranoid that they end up looking for medical advice at the slightest show of symptoms. A nationwide lockdown in this mix is the reason why online video consultation with healthcare experts is desperately needed!

Most of the hospitals suspended out-patient services to contain the transmission of Coronavirus as far as possible after declaration of the lockdown. Post this, Indian government’s guidelines on practicing telemedicine in the country have brought about a big relief, and are enabling the healthcare system to meet the medical needs of people without risking lives.

Clinical diagnosis and treatments are now being carried out through online video consultations at top hospitals and with leading doctors across the country. The advantages of this new development in the Indian healthcare industry are multifold.


When a vast majority of our population opts to consult online with doctors, they are not just ensuring their own safety by maintaining the much needed social distance, they are also keeping those around them safe, including their family, friends & neighbours.

It is vital for people to protect themselves from possible transmission of Coronavirus as well as other diseases right now, and keep their immune system running smoothly.

Convenience & Comfort

Telemedicine is allowing people to get help from medical experts across the country, on the tap of a button and from the comfort of their homes. They can now get in touch with doctors anywhere in the country without having to actually travel to a different city. This saves time, money, as well as effort.

Being able to receive precise diagnosis & prescription in such a convenient way is a game changer in the healthcare industry and now is definitely the right time to explore this arena.

Better Reach

Quality healthcare and treatment is now accessible even for people living in rural areas of the country. These are the regions that do not have quality healthcare facilities and in some cases, even qualified doctors. Online telephonic and video consultation with doctors is definitely going to be a blessing for people living in these areas, whether they need attention for COVID-19 or have any other medical concerns.

Better Equipped Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare professionals are also benefiting with their patients choosing to consult online with doctors in their city. With the facility of telemedicine, medical experts and other healthcare personnel have the bandwidth to attend to more essential cases in this situation, including COVID-19, pregnant women in labour, and other such emergency cases.

It is our responsibility as citizens to care for the wellbeing of people working in the healthcare industry, selflessly spending days and nights taking care of the people affected by this outbreak.

Containment of the spread

With no medical cure known, practicing social distancing is the best proven way to fight against Coronavirus right now. This is the only way to curb the spread of the virus.

Social Distancing, assisted by Telemedicine is one possible way we can flatten the curve!

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