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Stem cell-based treatments are gaining traction as one of the most preferred possible cancer treatment options. Multiple stem cell types have been found to have a natural affinity towards tumors. Furthermore, when these pathotropic delivery vehicles are designed to express therapeutic medicines, they can effectively target cancer sites. It helps patients with blood-forming stem cells damaged by very high doses of chemotherapy or radiation therapy used to treat certain malignancies. Any oncologist in Hyderabad who does stem cell transplants will yield in the formation of the following primary kinds of blood cells:

Common Types of Stem cell transplant –  You get healthy blood-forming stem cells through a needle inserted into your vein during a stem cell transplant. The stem cells move to the bone marrow after entering your bloodstream, replacing cells that have been damaged. Blood-forming stem cells are provided by the bone marrow, circulation, or umbilical cord for transplantation. Transplants can take the following forms:

Reasons why stem cell transplants are carried out: Stem cell transplants are used to treat situations where the bone marrow has been destroyed and no longer produces healthy blood cells. Transplants can also be used to restore blood cells that have been damaged or killed as a result of chemotherapy. The following are some of the conditions that stem cell transplantation can help with:

A stem cell transplant is often performed only when other therapies have failed, the potential advantages of a transplant outweigh the dangers, and you are in reasonably excellent health despite your underlying ailment. An oncologist in Hyderabad is the best person who can guide and advise you to make the best possible decision for you, explaining various associated risks.

How do Stem Cell Transplants work?

It can be categorized into two types: AUTO and ALLO. In general, each procedure begins with collecting replacement stem cells, followed by therapies to prepare the patient’s body for the transplant, the actual transplant day, and finally, the recuperation phase.

Side effects involved with Stem Cell Transplants?

If you’re getting your own stem cells for transplants, then you might have to go through a lot of chemotherapy beforehand. These chemotherapy sessions may have unfavorable consequences. The dosage determines the kind and severity of side effects. The side effects involve :

Recovery post-transplantation –

The harvested stem cells are frequently infused into the patient’s circulation in the same manner as blood is transfused. During the next few days after implantation, the stem travels to the marrow area in the bones. They eventually start to make new blood cells there. Doctors often identify newly produced blood cells in the patient’s circulation two to three weeks following the transplant. Red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets are produced overtime after a Successful transplant. You’ll need a lot of medical help in the initial few days following a transplant. Antibiotics are used to prevent and treat any type of bacterial, viral, and fungal infection. 

The first three months following transplantation are when these infections are most likely to occur. 

An oncologist in Hyderabad may perform or recommend another treatment method if you are not benefitting from the stem cell transplant method. You can browse a list of the best oncologists in Hyderabad, medical oncologists, cancer surgeons through Credihealth. 

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