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Gasoline is a dangerous product that can hurt you in different ways. Aside from hurting your wallet (because fuel is never cheap), it can also harm your health and/or burn your house if you’re not careful. 

Does your workplace have equipment of vehicles that should be fueled onsite? Do you store gasoline in your home for your car or generator? If so, check out these helpful gasoline safety tips when storing and handling fuel. 

When storing fuel at home

Gasoline can be hazardous if not stored carefully and properly. Check out these helpful guidelines for storage: 

When receiving fuel from delivery trucks 

When your home or workplace is receiving diesel fuel delivery, keep the following in mind. 

When fueling vehicles and equipment 

Next to making sure the engine is turned off when fueling, there are other things to take note of when fueling vehicles and equipment. 

When filling portable containers

Do you have portable containers to refill yourself? Keep the following tips in mind. 

If someone experiences any of these symptoms, he or she should get out of the site and seek fresh air immediately. If symptoms persist, don’t hesitate to seek medical treatment. 

Author Bio: Carmina Natividad is a daytime writer for Refuelling Solutions, a fuel management company, offering small and large scale diesel fuel delivery, logistics, information, and analysis to keep their client’s business moving. Writing about business and logistics is her cup of tea. 

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