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A branch of medicine that deals with skin, hair, nails and the diseases that one faces with them. A doctor that specializes in this field is known as a dermatologist who will deal with the diseases related to these things and provide a cure for them. Here are a few things you should know before you decide to become dermatology.

Don’t Focus On Just Dermatology

What we mean by this is that don’t primarily focus on dermatology, learn other things as well in the process. In order to have better knowledge in the field, you need to be aware of other things as well. Go to a medical school, learn some other major while you are there. 

Carry out clinic research on patients, which would definitely require you to be in a medical school. Once you graduate from there you can carry out these things in a clinical research organization. If you build a background in research you can easily do rotations with a dermatologist.


Stand Out Of The Competition

Dermatology is a very good field when it comes to taking a speciality as a career. Some few keypoints are that most of the patients aren’t dying like they are in other fields of medicine, you’ll have to work just the normal hours. 

Most of your patient are and will be happy as you are helping them look better than they do at the moment. This is why a lot of people are looking forward to becoming dermatologists. If you want to stand out of the head, do what others aren’t doing, like going out to conferences, visiting universities around you. Try to get into residency programs, even if you don’t make it the first time, try again after learning some more.

 Develop Strong Relation With Patients

Having patients that’ll stay for a long time with you is pretty good, compared to having patients that you’ll only see once in a while. You get to know them for a long time and their lifestyle, which helps in determining solutions faster.

 So building strong connections with your patients is going to benefit in the long run. If you work with people you know, the work becomes a breeze.

 The Work Won’t Be Complicated

Most of your patients won’t be coming to you for a major overhaul. No one will ask for extreme things. They’ll be asking for common things to be done, just a touch here, a tap there.

 You’ll keep Yourself Looking Good All The Time

Just like a dentist’s teeth are expected to be at their best, you’ll also feel like you will need to keep yourself looking good all the time. Since that is what you’ll be doing for others, you’ll feel a constant need to be at your best. Which in any stage of your life is a really good thing to be.

 Becoming Physician Becomes Easier

If you have a background in research, it becomes easier for you to be a physician. People learn a lot of different things before becoming a physician, but having research knowledge will help a lot with making strong connections with patients and solving their issues.


 Not only that you’ll be able to get a position in dermatology pharmaceutical companies as you not only know dermatology but have knowledge of medicine as well while you were in clinical research. 


Change Lives

Just because you are in the dermatology business, doesn’t mean you can’t change lives, like its done in life-threatening cases in other fields. You can literally make people feel good about  themselves as looks are one of the first thing everyone notices. If they are satisfied with how they look after meeting you, as compared to how they looked earlier, it can actually turn around their life, bring someone out of depression and much more.

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