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Vitamins are the natural compounds that are needed by our bodies to fulfill our nutritional requirements. Some vitamins are body synthesizes, and some we have to take from food or other sources. There are different types of vitamins, and they are classified as fat-soluble vitamins and water-soluble vitamins. The water-soluble vitamins are Vitamin B and C (Ascorbic acid). Vitamin B is further classified as:


The fat-soluble vitamins are:


As our body needs nutritional requirements, which sometimes cannot be fulfilled by the food and diet we take, it is essential to take liquid vitamins and minerals to provide nutritional support and make our body flexible. Every person’s body requirement is different; for example, some people need more zinc and vitamin C to build up their immunity, and some need more Vitamin B12 and folic acid if they are strictly vegetarian to fulfill their body needs. Similarly, some people need Vitamin K who has hematological issues, so it all depends upon one’s body that what it requires from us. Not all vitamins are suitable for everyone. But if the adequate supply of vitamin is not there in the body, it will lead to severe deficiencies that will ultimately cause diseases. There are different diseases associated with every type of vitamin deficiency.


However, the vitamins are available in different dosage forms like pills, capsules, chewable tablets, syrups, and liquid vitamins, etc. it all depends upon the individual that in the way they are most comfortable to take it. But in some cases, the liquid vitamins are much better than the solid pills and capsules. Like for example, vitamin B12, when taken orally, interferes with the stomach enzymes and shows poor absorption, similarly few geriatric patients and children have difficulty in swallowing tablets. So there are different reasons why liquid vitamins are preferred over the solid ones. Some of the rights are as follows:


  1. Liquid vitamins form more good synergistic formulas:

As everyone needs formula or product that will have maximum benefits from them, and it has all the things they need. Nobody loves to take three different tablets for three various deficiencies. It is easier to formulate the liquid syrups synergistically with other vitamins than the solid tablets, chew able tablets, and gels. We can add more nutritional value to the liquid dosage forms.


  1. Faster action:

The goal of any pill or dosage form is to get absorbed in the blood and show its action. The action should be fast, only possible when the drug receives readily absorbed in the blood without facing any barrier. The problem with the substantial dosage forms is that they take time to get absorbed, as first, they need to be broken down, and then they are distributed and consumed. Contrarily the liquid vitamins and minerals get absorbed faster as they do not have to be broken down. The process of absorption starts from the mouth so that they can function well and quickly. This increases the patient’s compliance with the liquids’ minerals.


  1. More amount of vitamins in a single dose:

As when formulating a solid vitamin supplement and the need is 30,000 mg, then he tablet with the maximum amount of drug will be 1000 mg. The patient will take at least three tablets. In contrast, in liquid vitamins, the more significant amount of medicine will be transferred at once, so the person will not have to take three times a day.


  1. Easy to take:

One of the most significant advantages of liquid vitamins and minerals is that they can be taken quickly. Chew able tablets are fun to make, but as added, sugar and chemicals may harm your body is better to shift to syrups. No one wishes to take 30 tablets to fulfill the nutritional requirement. Liquid vitamins can be added to your drinks that will boost up your whole day. Moreover, most people have difficulty swallowing thick tablets, so it is easier to serve the vitamin with just a few tablespoons.


  1. Easily digestible:

The liquid vitamins do not have any filler, binders, or any other agent as there are in tablets. It only has pure vitamins that got digested easily and give rapid action. There is no casing of binders and fillers digestion in liquid vitamins.

To conclude, it can be said that liquid vitamins are natural to digest, easy to swallow, and can combine well with other ingredients, showing nutritionally-dense bio availability with intended results. These all increase the patient’s compliance with liquid vitamins.

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