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A nursing agency engages nurses as temporary contracts and makes them accessible for recruitment in affiliated hospitals to render services during busy schedules or staff absence. The two contributing factors for the increasing popularity of nursing agencies are the high pay rates and the freedom to choose job opportunities as per the requirement, along with job satisfaction.

Why Choose an NHS-Approved Agency?

For a nurse looking for a nursing agency in Chertsey, the suggestion is to opt for an NHS-approved agency. The reason being, the framework policies will regulate the overall conduct of the agency and the rates the agency charges for its services. The nurses can pursue careers at NHS facilities that offer more opportunities at high pay rates and better working conditions.

There is an inclination of healthcare facilities towards the framework agencies for nurse recruitments. One reason is nurses at such agencies undergo an infallible recruitment process. It guarantees the nurses are highly skilled in providing exceptional services. The other purpose is the ever-increasing demands for nurses at hospitals and the limited time to vet the right candidates.

One essential step while looking for an NHS-approved agency is to check if the agency adheres to any one of the valid UK frameworks like NHS Scotland, NHS Wales, Collaborative Procurement Partnership, HealthTrust Europe, and Crown Commercial Services.

Let us now see some of the mistakes to avoid while looking for an NHS-approved agency.

Not Checking the Track Record

Select an agency with a consistent track record of diligently offering services to NHS speciality demands. The agency should get newer businesses and must continue to renew their previous contracts to maintain the flow of job opportunities.

If such an agency is not selected, nurses cannot get the assurance of sufficient job opportunities.

Not Asking for Standard Authorities Certification

Choose standard medical boards approved agencies. For instance, check if the agency is NHS approved and ISO accredited. It is beneficial to go for an agency that is a member of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC). Confirm if it is an approved supplier under programs like LPP and CCS.

If you do not select an agency certified by a medical board and if it is not an approved supplier, then there are possibilities that you might not get the required jobs at reputed medical institutions. Though you may have the qualification and experience, the healthcare facilities might not recognise your agency without mandatory certificates.

Lack of Healthcare Facilities across Geographical Area

Make sure you select an agency that has an affiliation with the majority of the hospitals in the proximity. The agency should aim to extend their services to large geographical regions, including remote locations. For instance, as a nurse looking for a nursing agency in Chertsey, you must ensure the agency covers most of the healthcare facilities of Surrey county.

If you do not choose such an agency, you might not get a credible number of opportunities at anticipated pay rates.

Not Looking into Qualifications

Before selecting a framework agency, ensure it supports most of the qualifications like RM, RNM, ODP, and HCA. Confirm it does not exclude any specific degree from the list. It will guarantee you jobs in your specialisation and high pay rates.

Check if the agency engages Registered General Nurses (RGNs) to hospitals at high pay rates and according to their seniority. The prerequisites are that RGNs must be registered with the NMC and should have an updated PIN.

Not Asking If Agency Offers Opportunities across Various Specialities

The nurses can pursue any of the below specialisations:

Surgical/emergency ward
Registered Children’s nurse
Specialized nurses

Check all hospitals in association with the agency. It will give a fair idea of the different specialities the agency supports. Concurrently, confirm if pay rates vary with the specialisation.

Do not make the mistake of selecting an agency that has an affiliation with only a few hospitals. It will not guarantee you your aspired job opportunities.

An NHS-approved agency should let nurses have an acquaintance with advisors, to improve competency and experience. You must check if the agency offers support in terms of training sessions. Agencies that do not provide such support can make you work-life hard.

Revalidation is very important for a nurse to continue their practice. Check with the agency if it provides sufficient, timely support for revalidation. Else, the process will be very complicated and time-consuming.

Lack of Consistent Manpower Supply and Opportunities

Select an agency that has a consistent pool of resources with distinct qualifications and work experiences to align with hospitals. Such agencies assure nurses will get sufficient opportunities to purse.

An agency with an irregular workforce supply indicates it does not have adequate job opportunities. Your idle time can hence increase, taking a toll on your income.

No Clarification on the Payslip

The fraudulent agencies may not give clear information about your pay rates, taxes, and other monetary details.

Make sure the NHS- approved agency you select has well-documented procedures to help you with timesheets, tax filing, and payment modes. It should maintain transparency in funds, income, taxes, Pension, and insurance. The payslip must provide all details precisely.

To summarise, investigate every aspect regarding the nursing agency. It will help in selecting the best framework agency to pursue a career in the aspired specialisation and at justified pay rates.

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