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Breastfeeding accomplishes such a great deal other than just providing a source of better nourishment to your kid. It can likewise comfort him when he’s not feeling well, soothe him in his pains of trepidation when he’s terrified, calm his agony when injured, and help him to nod off when he’s tired.

Kids have a sense of security when they are at the breast, enveloped with the warmth and comfort of their mom’s arms. In this way, it’s just normal that babies and little children will nurture in any event, when they aren’t hungry.



Babies and newborn children need to breastfeed regularly to develop at a constant rate and animate the generation of sound milk supply. But there might be times when your child appears to need to spend much more time at the breast.

In the first place, it might be hard to discern whether your child is continually nursing because of a development spurt, a strong urge for non-nutritive (comfort) sucking, or appetite because of low milk supply.

If your infant is experiencing a growth spurt, the steady nursing should last a couple of days until your milk supply increase. If it keeps going longer than a couple of days, take your infant in to see the pediatrician to have their weight checked. For whatever length of time that your infant is developing and putting on pressure, you can be sure they are getting enough milk.

If it is only a powerful urge for non-nutritive sucking, you can put your child to the breast as frequently as your infant needs to nurture. Comfort nursing won’t hurt your kid.

If you aren’t happy with the measure of time the infant is spending at your breast, you can attempt to heft your infant around in a sling or other infant wrap. The feeling of your body and your pulse alongside the movement of strolling around can assist with the comfort of your baby.


Shouldn’t something be said about Pacifiers?

When your child is breastfeeding admirably, and your milk supply is built up, the utilization of a pacifier ought not to interfere with fruitful breastfeeding.

Babies & Children

There is no exact age defined when breastfeeding needs to end. When your youngster is a little child, they will get most of the sustenance from other nourishment sources. Small children may nurture less regularly; however, the time they spend at the breast is still nurturing and essential. As your child develops and turns out to be progressively independent, they can feel sure realizing that they can even now return to you for comfort, security, and that uncommon feeling of closeness.

The Academy of Pediatrics prescribes the continuation of breastfeeding for over a year. Afterward, it is totally on the kid and mother that as long as each decides to proceed &after that. As per the readings issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF, both suggest breastfeeding for at any rate two years and past.

Breast milk keeps on giving medical advantages to older children. Also, more significantly, the breastfeeding relationship gives developing children enthusiastic and mental benefits, too.

Breastfeeding Beyond One Year

Comfort nursing can likewise be used at sleep time. Nursing can quiet down a particular kid, and many little ones like to nod off at the breast. It’s not unsafe to nurture your kid to rest, be that as it may when your child is sleeping, it’s ideal for breaking the suction of the latch and expelling your child from the breast.

If your child spends significant periods sleeping while still connected to your breast, it can expand the danger of dental cavities.

Different Reasons

If you need to breastfeed an adopted kid, you have a genuine low milk supply, or you choose to give your child a bottle, you can at present breastfeed for comfort. Nursing, after or in the middle of another source of feeding, can be a brilliant encounter for both you and your child.

Also, in any event, when you are merely nursing for comfort, your infant may, in any case, get some nourishment from your bosoms.

Comfort nursing is a unique piece of breastfeeding. It won’t ruin your kid, and there is no proof that comfort nursing is unsafe or that it will create any negative mental issues in more grown youngsters. For whatever length of time that you and your kid are glad and make the most of your nursing relationship, there is no explanation that you can’t nurture for comfort.


Everybody appears to have a determination on how you ought to breastfeed and what is and isn’t alright for you to do. As a new mother, things can get overpowering, and it very well may be troublesome realizing what to do in the circumstances like this.

Comfort nursing appears to have negative criticism among a few, and having all the data can have a huge effect since it encourages you to settle on choices all alone concerning your circumstance.

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