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Scars may develop as a part of the natural and unnatural process that may occur to a person. Some may get scars due to natural reasons like acne or as a side effect any illness. Some may get scars due to unnatural reasons like burns or accidental injuries. But once a person has a scar it becomes a part of that person forever. Your scars may or may not permanently be removed but with proper treatment and home, remedies can surely be effectively lightened over time making it almost invisible.

Various clinical and non-clinical treatments have been known to lighten and permanently remove your scars. Clinical options like laser treatments, chemical peeling, surgeries, steroid injections etc. can be really helpful. Non-clinical treatments like No Scars cream, ointments, gels and soap can also prove to be successful. Home remedies like using lemon extract, honey, coconut oil, turmeric powder, aloe vera etc. are also good effective, natural and safe options for naturally removing scars. The dermatological recommendation is very important before going for any skin treatment as if it goes wrong it can prove dangerous for your skin.

However, for you to treat your scars the most important thing is to know what type of scars you have so that you know how to treat them and have fruitful results. Various categories of scars are :

  1. Keloid scars: A rounded, thick and irregular cluster of skin tissues that make a scar grows on your wounds. As compared with the normal complexion of the skin they appear to be dark. After the healing of a wound, a keloid scar appears. It may appear anywhere on the body. Keloid scars smaller in size can be treated by use of cryotherapy ( when liquid nitrogen is used for conducting freezing therapy). Other treatments may include using silicon sheets, surgery or steroid injections. Its common occurrence is found in people with dark skin colours.
  2. Hypertrophic scars: Similar to keloids these are red and thick scars that are elevated but they do not tend to go beyond the point of injuries. Within weeks after injury to the skin they develop. Your dermatologist may recommend steroid therapy or even just the application of steroids. Other treatment procedure recommended can be surgery.
  3. Acne scars: People having severe acne issues may, later on, develop a lot of scars that prove it. Treatment for acne scars entirely depends upon the type of scars chemical peeling and laser treatments are widely dermatologically recommended. For light acne scars, home remedies have shown very successful results. Use of ointments and blackmark remove cream etc. can also help.
  4. Contracture scars: Usually occurs due to burns these type of scars results when a large layer of the epidermis is lost or damaged. They lead to skin lightening from the affected area. Due to a decrease in skin size muscles might get affected and a person’s movement can be disrupted. Surgical methods only may work if the loss of skin is excessive. For small burn marks, coconut oil is highly recommended.

Some people might get self-conscious about their scars and may lose their confidence. Everyone needs to understand that what matters the most is that a person believes in his or her abilities and have confidence that who they are matters more than how they look.

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