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There is some confusion about whether spicy food is healthy or dangerous. Often, we are in a tug of war with two thoughts that seem to be equally convincing. In this article too, we will bust some myths regarding spicy food concerned with the formation of piles.  Just like the myths that say that only older people face piles problems and that piles are always associated with bleeding, the correlation between piles and spicy food is also a myth. Although spicy food aggravates the symptoms of piles, it is not the cause of piles.

How does Spicy Food affect Piles?

Piles are basically swollen veins in anus or rectum which are prone to more tear, rupture, burn, itch and extreme pain if your stomach condition is not okay. So spicy food adds more fire to the fuel if you already have piles. Though there are no studies that can establish any strong connection between the development of piles and spicy food. 

When you consume too much spicy food, it tends to aggravate ulcers in the sensitive mucosal lining or in the small intestine, called the duodenum. These ulcers are very painful and can cause bleeding from the back passage hurting already existing piles when you clear bowels. Hence, this is how spicy food can upset your digestive system but it has nothing to do with the onset of piles. Although you should avoid spicy food if you are suffering from piles as your rectal veins are already weak and swelled up.

Several reasons depicting the Harmful Effects of spicy food on piles:  

Here is the list of other foods, besides spicy foods that must be avoided during piles:

So here are some reasons backing up that spicy food can add more insult to injury. Though there is no evidence as to how it could possibly cause piles. But it will make your piles worsen up due to the above-mentioned reasons. Overly spicy food never does any good to anyone. It’s good for the tongue, but not for the stomach. You should drink plenty of water whenever you consume spicy food as it may aid in smooth digestion and excretion process. It disrupts the normal functioning of your stomach and can cause severe constipation and diarrhoea if prolonged usage of too many spices exist. Go for high fibre food, whole grains, lots of water, physical activities involving light exercises and changing the sedentary lifestyle that is making you passive and unhealthy. These little changes in habits and lifestyle will help you curb the existing piles’ symptoms and even prevent the piles from forming itself.

The bottom line

Spicy foods do not cause hemorrhoids, but you may feel extreme burn and discomfort if you have anal fissures. It disrupts the functioning of your stomach and might result in constipation and diarrhea which can be very painful for your piles’ symptoms.


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