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Going through life, we often forget the consequences of a bad habit we take with us. But eventually, most of them catch up with you over time. The same applies to infertility issues. Though there are always solutions like infertility treatment in Chennai, it’s better to try and stay away from things that might lead to something this bad.

Most of the time if a couple is infertile, it’s either both male and female factors or mostly unknown. In the case of females, finding infertility factors might be harder compared to that of a male counterpart.

But mostly it comes out with symptoms in women. The first one is the inability to get pregnant or conceive a child. Or dealing with a menstrual cycle that’s too long, i.e., longer than 34 days and above. Sometimes too short cycles can also be a symptom to infertility like cycles that last less than 21 days or less. This would simply mean that the woman might not be ovulating.

Regardless of gender, here are some factors that are believed to lead to infertility in general.


Smoking, in general, is a bad habit. But when it comes to fertility, it is considered one of the prime factors that lead to infertility issues in both men and women. There have been cases where smoking has caused severe damages to the cervix and fallopian tubes of women. Smoking has also been a leading risk factor for miscarriage. It is also believed that smoking is injurious for male fertility as well, who smokes too much for a long duration of time.


After a certain age, the number of eggs produced and the quality of eggs start to reduce over time. This is simply due to the increased rate of follicles loss. This results in a high risk of miscarriage and becomes harder to conceive. For men, the sperm quality and quantity start reducing as well.


It is advised by experts to avoid high consumption of alcohol if a couple is looking to conceive as it might lead to issues for the same. If it’s not avoidable than one drink a day might be more than enough. But try to avoid it altogether should be ideal.


There are some sexually transmitted diseases as well that lead to the risk of infertility. Diseases such as gonorrhea and chlamydia can often lead to severe damages in woman’s fallopian tubes which is not ideal for conceiving.

What steps can you take to improve fertility?

Maintaining Weight

It is proven that women who are overweight and underweight tend to be at a high risk of disorders related to ovulation. This is why it’s important to maintain your weight on a regular basis. Try to get some exercise on a day to day basis, keep it adequate.

Quit Smoking Habit

As mentioned above, smoking, in general, is not beneficial for health in any aspect. It can only lead to issues over time that are irreversible. For better fertility, it is advised by doctors and experts to stay away from smoking. Especially for people who are looking to get pregnant.


Taking too much stress is not healthy for your body. When you are too stressed, sometimes even fertility treatment fails to work. Keep yourself calm and stop taking unnecessary stress over little things.


Often times the infertility issues lie within our habits, we just have to take more precautions while trying to conceive. If nothing else works, you can always go for clinics that offer female or male infertility treatment in Chennai.

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