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Almost 90% of providers believe that prior authorization has a negative impact on provider-patient communication. Almost a quarter which is 24% of provider surveys confirms that PA delays have has an adverse impact on patient treatment.

Almost nine in ten providers confirmed that the burden with prior authorization has been extremely high that averages to almost 15 hours and 33 prior authorization on a weekly basis. At the end of the day, you don’t want to fall back with your practice management standards and get your payments denied.

Modern healthcare is all about effective patient engagement methods. You must set the right provisions in place that affirm your position in the business of healthcare. Finding an expert prior Authorization Company can be a blessing in disguise for many. You must find a competent partner that can help in eliminating your pain points in revenue cycle management.

What inspires a streamlined prior authorization approach?

To start off, you must invest in quality resources that know in and out of your prior authorization process. Hiring an expert company that can guarantee you hassle-free practice management efforts can help you focus on your patients and worry less about your denials in the long run.

Also, reducing your overall operational expenses is all about finding a solution-centric company that knows how to handle your eligibility verification and pre-authorization/ precertification requirements.

This is what makes Sunknowledge such a special vendor in the world of prior authorization services. At just $7 per hour, our team delivers versatile support across all major practice management systems with consistency and trust.

Speak to our experts and come to know what makes us unique in the world of healthcare revenue cycle management. We deliver where others fail at these difficult and trying times. Hire us for comprehensive support like never before.

Our team will love to share our ideas of a business synergy with you over a discussion any time. Find out what makes us unique in the world of prior authorization services. We guarantee a 100% submission at 99.99% accuracy.

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