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Cancer is the abnormal mass of cancerous cells developed in a specific part or organ. It created severe complications in health. The patient with cancer has to go through any procedure. The complete treatment includes medications, therapies, and surgery. You may wonder how much it costs for cancer treatment. So, the generic treatment starts at 2.6 lakhs at HCG hospital for a cancer condition. 

It is important to remember that cancer treatment depends upon the patient’s condition. Besides, the most common cancer condition includes:

What are the factors that decide treatment cost?

Cancer is a complex health condition. The patient with cancer conditions suffers from many complications. It is important to remember that every condition is different so is the treatment. However, medication, therapies, and surgery are the common treatment procedures given for cancer patients. 

Following are the factors that decide treatment cost-

Can cancer treatment be done in one cycle?

One cycle of cancer treatment includes multiple parts. These parts are segregated into medications, therapies, and surgery. Therefore, it isn’t easy to cover the entire treatment in one cycle. However, if the cancer is detected in the initial stage, there is a higher chance that treatment can be done in one cycle. Besides, it also becomes affordable for the patient. 

It happens that the patient has to take multiple surgeries to treat the cancer condition. Cancer such as leukemia and lymphoma are hard to treat in one cycle. Therefore, during cancer awareness, the medical experts recommend seeking immediate treatment in the initial stage.

Which cancer treatments are cost-effective?


Benefits of Insurance in Cancer Treatment Cost

The patient with cancer condition has to struggle through emotional, physical, mental, and economic hurdles. Besides, cancer treatment can be really expensive. As we know, nominally, every cancer treatment begins at 2.6 lakhs and may go up to 7 lakh depending upon the condition. 

Many hospitals, including HCG hospitals, accept all types of insurance for the treatment. As cancer treatment may cost the patient lakhs, thus insurance becomes a savior. Other benefits include full coverage of treatment, post-treatment cost facility, and additional medical support. 

The insurance also covers the cost of your therapy, such as chemo and radiation. 


Cancerous cells increase rapidly and multiply. It causes severe damage to the other organs present. Thus it becomes necessary to seek immediate treatment for the same. Once you experience the initial symptoms without wasting any time, get a medical check-up done. Besides, HCG hospital offers various treatment options for cancer conditions. 


The doctor will offer medication, therapies, and or suggest surgery to treat cancer. Besides, cancer treatment can be expensive. Yet, insurance can be beneficial to cover the cost. Remember to take immediate treatment whenever the symptoms appear. “The quick treatment gives the best results”.


How to get a tentative estimate of surgery cost?

As cancer has numerous types, and their conditions are different. Therefore the surgery cost can vary on multiple factors. However, HCG hospital offers complete treatment for all kinds of cancer conditions. HCG hospital is the healthcare partner with Credihealth. Thus, you can get a complete estimation for a cancer condition. You can call on +91 8010-994-994 and book an online consultation with the doctor. The doctor will treat and diagnose cancer. You can get a tentative estimation for your condition from the health experts.


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