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If you have reached this article, you or your loved ones probably expect to welcome your cutie patootie. Just by looking at it, anyone can tell how delicate a baby’s skin is. Especially when newborns, their skin is more vulnerable to the absorption of the chemicals in the products, which can be toxic. Parents need to choose products like natural Mamaearth baby lotion and be free from any harmful chemicals for their baby’s skin safety. We have curated the essential tips that any parent must follow to choose safe and effective products for their munchkin’s sensitive skin.

Why is Hydration Important?

The baby’s skin needs hydration. At birth, your body cannot perform all the functions it will develop in the first years of life. Due to this immaturity of the skin’s defensive systems, it is a good habit to use a natural lotion on your bub’s body every day. In particular, after bathing, it is important to supply the skin with the essential nutrition with baby lotion. If you are in Dubai and want to stock up on some good baby lotion, you have come to the right place. 

Body lotions are essential, and you cannot go a day without them. So spending a few minutes to list their goodness today should be considered time invested. Newborn babies have very delicate skin because it is thin and lacks the protective coating of fat that will form over time. So the important thing is always to treat it with care. We must clean our baby without using any aggressive products that could damage its fragile protective barriers. 

Tips to Protect Your Baby’s Skin with Baby Lotion

It is not advisable to hydrate the baby’s skin with a baby lotion that contains mineral oils derived from petroleum (such as petroleum jelly or liquid paraffin) because they prevent the skin from breathing normally. Instead, using formulas based on natural ingredients like calendula, jojoba oil, aloe vera, or shea butter. Here are few things that every parent must remember before choosing any baby product:

Every Mom’s First Choice!

The best baby lotion in UAE that is MadeSafe certified and enriched with natural ingredients is by Mamaearth. It has natural ingredients like Jojoba oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter for that extra hydration and protects their sensitive skin. Mamaearth’s baby lotion has become every mom’s favorite as it has no harmful chemicals and is free of Toxins, Parabens, and Mineral Oils. If you are in UAE and looking for some natural products for your patootie, choose Mamaearth for its perfect amalgamation of love and care derived from nature. 



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