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Almost every woman has at one point considered having sex during her period. Many of us think that it can be harmful and inconvenient. But some women report that sexual intercourse during menstruation has a lot of benefits and can bring much more pleasure than it usually does. Despite these facts, you should remember that your periods can’t guarantee that you won’t get pregnant from unprotected sex. In addition, concerns about sexually transmitted diseases still remain and don’t depend on the time of the month.

Benefits of having sex during your menstruation

Having sexual intercourse during your periods has a lot of benefits. Some of the following physiological changes can occur because of the effect of sex:

1. Sex can relieve cramps

Period cramps occur due to the uterus contractions when it sheds its lining. An orgasm can relieve period cramps because it causes uterus muscles to contract and release. This weakens the constant state of uterus muscle tension during menstruation. Moreover, sex helps release endorphins that are able to distract you from discomfort and painful sensations.

2. Periods may become shorter

Since an orgasm triggers muscle contractions, it helps the uterus push out its content quicker. It means that sex during periods can make your periods shorter.

3. Sex can relieve your headache

There is no reason to refuse sex because of a headache. Some researches proved that sexual intercourse is able to ease or even relieve a headache completely. That is because sex increases the level of endorphins which in turn helps eliminate painful sensations. 

4. Natural lubrication

If you suffer from vaginal dryness, your period flow can become a natural lubricant. This may reduce your need to use lubricants and make sexual intercourse more comfortable.

Tips on having sex during menstruation

1. Remove the tampon

You shouldn’t forget to remove the tampon before sex. If you left it inside, it can be pushed deep into the vagina and may result in a bacterial infection. In addition, if the tampon was pushed in very deep, you may need to visit a gynecologist in order to get it out.

2. Choose light days

Blod flow near the end of menstruation is usually much lighter and you may try to have sex during these days. Of course, if the first day of your period doesn’t bother both of you, go ahead.

3. Reduce the blood flow 

You can try a menstrual cup in order to decrease the amount of blood during sex. It is a small soft device that collects the blood that passes through the cervix and makes the vagina clean.

The vaginal contraceptive sponge can also help reduce the amount of blood. It holds blood in the upper part of the vagina (like the menstrual cup). Despite the fact that the vaginal contraceptive sponge is not able to hold all the blood, it is more comfortable. In addition, this sponge can be used for preventing pregnancy.

4. Keep towels and tissues near

Put towels underneath you to protect your sheets and mattress during sex. You can also place some tissues nearby to wipe yourself after the intercourse.

5. Choose the missionary position

Lying on your back during sex can reduce the amount of blood in the vagina. You should also be careful with deep penetration because the cervix is more sensitive during your periods. If you feel pain during sex, let your partner know and slow down.

Despite the fact that your chances to get pregnant during menstruation are lower, it can still happen. Some women have irregular or shorter periods that can influence the release of a new egg. Moreover, sperm can remain alive in favorable conditions for up to five days. That’s why fertilization can happen when you don’t expect it. So if you are not planning to conceive, it is better to use contraception. In addition, unprotected sexual intercourse during menstruation increases the risk of getting sexually transmitted diseases. The use of a condom would be beneficial in any case.

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