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Flat foot or having flattened feet is a medical condition where the gap between the front and back section of the feet is absent. There is a gap between the arches of feet which is visible when the person stands. Absence of the hook is known as flat foot disease or pes planus. In short, the entire feet of the person touches the floor when they stand. This condition is not too rare as a survey conducted says almost 67 percent of people staying in an area consisting of 100 people are diagnosed with flat foot disease. The arches provide additional support which helps while walking.

Importance of the arches present in the foot

The arches provide additional support and reduce the stress that falls upon the calf of the leg. This helps the person to feel comfortable while working out or running. Absence of the arches may result in pain in the hip portion and the knees too, due to uneven distribution of body weight. People with no angles may also tear down shoes more often during walking, which may cause injuries. Arches decide how a person walks as the entire stress falls upon the tips and distributes the body weight. People having no hooks tend to bend in one side while they walk as pressure falls unevenly. One human foot has 26 different bones, including tendons, ligaments and joints. Arches are one of the essential parts of a human foot.


Genetic factors are the most common cause of flat feet. Apart from that, various other reasons are responsible: weak bones and weak arches, foot injuries, rheumatoid arthritis and damaged tendons. Along with that, spina bifida, also known as the split spine and muscular dystrophy, can also be the reasons. People who are diagnosed with diabetes and vitamin D or calcium deficiency can also result in such abnormalities.


Exercising and using tools made for treating flat feet can help to treat this disorder.Ignoring this condition and carrying out physical activities may result in severe tendon damage which will become impossible to treat. Relaxing the calf muscle and posterior muscle along with using arch support for flat feet, will help to cure it as well.

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