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To report something as PSG or polysomnography , sleep has to be staged, recorded and has to be attended by a trained technologist. For example if it is less than six hours, reporting the same with Modifier 52 and in other cases of reduced services with CPT codes such as 95811,95810,95808,95783 and 95782.

Hence, it is pertinent to choose someone that understands the intricacies of sleep study billing and coding. Also, after sales support is so important so that the patient meets the adjudication criterion with CPAP/BIPAP uses to eliminate any chances of denials for the provider of sleep support.

The right diagnosis codes are too critical for effective claims submission. Also, ensuring the right checks with eligibility verification, prior authorization, order entry and confirmation, effective doctor office follow ups are so important to reduce any chances of rejections at the back end.

The Sunknowledge partnership

Choosing a dedicated partner that can manage all your priorities with a complete understanding of the present day claims adjudication details will be critical. A dedicated partner in sleep study billing helps in eliminating proven flaws in your revenue cycle.

The best ones know how to work on your front and back end efforts by understanding the requirements is what that helps in eliminating denial chances. That is where we come in. Our experience in handling sleep study/ CPAP/BIPAP billing is exclusive and excellent.

We are currently working with providers of sleep support and varied products that are in use in the DMEPOS space. It makes us an ideal choice to work as your potent guide that defines payments and lowers down chances of any rejections.

Know more on how we deliver actionable assistance in sleep study billing. We are right here to deliver actionable support at just $7 per hour. Partner with us as we transform your flow of cash with our extended assistance and action plan.

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