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Whether you are a seasoned professional or just about to graduate, you will consider the help of a nursing agency at some point in your nursing career.

When working part-time or full time, the nursing agency gives you the flexibility to choose where and when you want to work your shifts. Agency nursing is also a great way to supplement your income.

With that said, joining a Nursing Agency in Lincoln is a great decision to make if you are looking to advance your nursing career with the potential to earn more.

However, since there are a plethora of nursing agencies across the country, choosing one can be a bit overwhelming. It is important that you choose the right nursing agency as it will play a key role in determining your success in finding work satisfaction.
When you choose the right agency, it will increase your chances of finding work and earn more income. With that in mind, here are the top factors to consider when looking for a nursing agency.

#1 You need to be clear about the type of role you are looking for
First things first, working with a nursing agency gives you the privilege to choose your own working hours. You are free to choose your shifts according to your schedule. Thus, you need to figure out the hours you can commit. Nursing jobs involve both part-time as well as intensive, long hours of shift work. So, consider the following aspects first:

Do you have family need to work day shifts?
Are you okay with working weekends?
Do you want a full time or part-time position?

On the other hand, you need to consider the type of nursing job you are looking for. Since nursing agencies offer services for both medical institutions and homecare, you need to choose your preference. With home care, it doesn’t require you to have much experience as it is all about general housekeeping to patients. However, when working for a medical institution, you will be provided with greater responsibilities that involve medical tasks and personal care. The pay also differs based on the role you choose. So, choose an agency that specialises in the field you have worked earlier.

#2 Prepare before you Apply
The nursing agency you are applying for will want an up-to-date copy of your CV that details your qualifications. This includes a list of credentials and a reference, as well as details of past experience. You need to gather all the details arrange it beautifully in your CV. Based on your qualifications and experience, your role and pay will be decided. Most often, the nursing agencies ask for the following information from the candidates:

A well laid out and detailed CV
A detailed work history (where have you worked before)
Your qualifications
Certificates relating to your relevant qualifications
Any personal qualities, experience, or extra qualifications that set you apart from other candidates

The best way to prepare is to visit the nursing agency’s website and see what they require. They can help you with this.

#3 Create a List of Potential Nursing Agencies you Want to Work With
There are many nursing agencies in the United Kingdom, and not all of them are best. You need to research online, check directories, local newspapers, magazines and ask people around to find the best agencies you can work with. You also need to consider the location in which you live. Finding an agency that’s near to you should be your preference, especially if you have children or family. The list you create must include nursing agencies that fit your criteria. If you are an experienced nurse who has worked with hospitals and other health institutions, you will be looking for opportunities in this role only. That is, for example, you may be looking for opportunities in big hospitals and care institutions, but the agencies in your list only specialise in a live-in care role or care home work. So, considering this aspect is important.

#4 Determine the Success Rate of Each Agency
Nursing agencies should be informed, persistent, and dedicated. They should be able to get clients on board, locate appropriate jobs, and effectively match them with your role. It is important that you determine the success rate of the agency. Consider the client testimonials, stats and figures, etc. before applying for the job. You need to determine whether the nursing agency is able to find jobs for all the nurses it has hired. If all the nurses are getting regular workdays, it means that the nursing agency has a well-established presence in the market.

Final Words

There plenty of benefits of working as an agency nurse. However, it will depend on with whom you have partnered to offer your services. Take your time when choosing the right nursing agency.

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