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When you plan for a celebration, you have different types of guests coming over. These days,’ people love to have healthy food made from wholesome ingredients so that they can stay fit. If you are expecting guests that are fitness enthusiasts and like to stay away from dairy foods, you can cook some delicious dairy-free meals for them substituting cow milk with soy milk.

Soy milk is cholesterol-free milk and you can have it every day by including it into your diet and replacing dairy milk. It is low in fat yet tastes amazing and has a rich texture. Let’s have a look at two recipes that can be made with soy milk for making your party instant hit:

Macaroni and cheese



Chicken and sweet potato soup



Your fitness enthusiast guests will love both of these dishes.

The next time you look for cholesterol-free milk, soy milk should be your first choice as it helps in keeping your cholesterol levels in control. Search online for some today!

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