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Fungal infections are very common these days. Fungal infections have become an epidemic in India in the last few years. Nowadays Fungal infections have become a serious health issue and it is affecting many people.  Fungal infection can occur in the human body when the fungus participles present in an area of the body which becomes hard for the immune system to handle those fungus participles. Out of the million fungal species, only a few hundreds of them can make people ill and some can even lead to death. If fungal infections are treated correctly and quickly, it can be easily cured and do not become a very serious health issue. Fungal infections can be caused due to various reasons, of which common causes are:

  1. Environmental factors: Environmental factors matters a lot in the case that how much chance a person has to get affected by fungal infections. If we live in a hot and humid climate there are more chances that a person will get affected.
  2. Inappropriate treatment: Fungal infections should have been treated appropriately to get rid of it. There are many anti-fungal medicines available that can either kill fungi directly or prevent them from growing. The antifungal and antibacterial cream India can be used to get prevented from fungal infections.
  3. Acquired from an infected person: Fungal infections can be easily spread between people. It can be easily transferred from one person to another. Fungal infection easily grows when someone uses the clothes of a person who already has a fungal infection. People should avoid using another person’s belongings so that they cannot affect if another person is suffering from such infections.
  4. Weak immune system: Weak immune system helps in growing fungal infections more easily as compared to others. They are more harmful to patients who are not strong enough. One must have a proper diet to get a strong immune system so that the person cannot easily get affected by fungal infections.
  5. Poor personal hygiene: Poor personal hygiene can be one of the main reasons to get affected by fungal infections. If our skin is sweaty or oily, it invites fungus easily. Fungus resides on our skin automatically. Fungal infections are easily present in the areas where there is heat or humidity
  6. Inadequate treatment: Adequate treatment should be taken so that infection is effectively treated. The inadequate treatment has the chance to get affected again with fungal infections in the future.

Anyone can be affected with fungal infections but there is only a 1 percent chance that younger people will get affected and people with age group 60-79 are most likely to get affected. More men are affected by this condition than women. Men are more likely to get affected as compared to women. One can also make use of the creams with Ketoconazole present in it which helps in killing fungi and preventing fungal infections. The antifungal antibacterial cream India can be used to get prevented from fungal infections from recurring in the future.

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