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Modern lifestyle, food habits, sleeping patterns and various other factors are putting a toll on our bodies. From minor ailments like cough & cold to major diseases like Diabetes, Renal Failure, etc. the list of diseases affecting people seem to be on an all-time high.


Kidney diseases are a big concern as these two bean shaped organs are responsible for a number of functions which keeps the body healthy and fit. From discarding waste in the form of urine to filtering blood, the kidneys play a crucial role when it comes to comes to maintaining the body in good condition.


So, what’s the way out you may be thinking? Medicine and surgery? Well, they are obviously important aids, but what if the disease can be cured in a natural way? What if one can stay away from all the side-effects of the strong medicines and still recuperate from the kidney disease without side-effects to the body?


Here in this article we discuss the same – treatment of kidney diseases with Ayurveda or more specifically, Panchakarma treatment.


Kidney Diseases, Causes and Symptoms

Kidney diseases result from the blockage of minute channels (srotas) within the body.  According to Ayurveda, urine flows into the kidneys through the Mutravaha srotas and flows out through the same. When there is a blockage in the passage while flowing in or out, kidney disorders start to happen.


The primary causes for kidney diseases are:


The symptoms of a kidney disorder can be:


Now, let’s have a look at how Ayurveda can be of help to eliminate a kidney disorder and what role it plays in overall kidney health.



It is the purest form of medical science that guides us to achieve our unparalleled health with the practices of purification and rejuvenation. Ayurveda provides the perfect healing therapy and Panchakarma is the best detoxification and cleansing process in Ayurveda. Pancha means ‘five’ and Karma means ‘action’. It denotes the five actions that are associated with the detoxification process.


  1. Vamana or therapeutic emesis – It is a process of induced vomiting to clean the respiratory tract, the upper gastro to the end of the stomach.
  2. Virechana or purgation – This is also induced purgation which is done to clear the lower gastro till the stomach’s end.
  3. Basti or medicated oil enema – Lubrication of the rectal area so as to dispel all the soluble wastes from the body.
  4. Nasya – Medicated instillation within the nasal passage to clear para-nasal sinuses as well as the respiratory tract.
  5. Rakta Mokshana – Decoction enema done to clear the area till the anus starting from transverse colon.


Every individual has the ability to flush down the toxins and correctly balance all the doshas. In the modern-day unhealthy lifestyle, it is impossible to live a life that is not plagued, with pollution, stress, and other degenerative ambiance. Panchakarma treatments come into the picture, as it detoxifies your body like the kidney organs, removes excess doshas, and brings an overall balance in the body. Panchakarma diet is a part of this program to ensure the complete removal of the toxins.


Indulge in Panchakarma treatment on a seasonal basis to get the best results. As we know that no two individuals are the same, they have a varying magnitude. That’s where Panchakarma steps in, as it is a highly personalized treatment to suit the needs of the individuals. This treatment is based upon dosha imbalances, present medical status, and digestive strength. You can take the Panchakarma treatment in Kerala to get the most effective services and therapies.


An Ayurveda course in Kerala, the homeland of Ayurveda can teach you a lot about the herbs that work well for kidney failure or related problems. Here are some of the few.



Intake of a good diet, herbal medication, panchakarma, a healthy dincharya are highly recommended for the cleansing of kidneys.


Home Remedies for Kidney failure:


So, say yes to Ayurveda and cut down on health-related problems like kidney failures. The healing and therapeutic properties of Ayurveda lead you to live a balanced and harmonized life.

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