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Drowning is one of the killer disasters that affect thousands of children every year. Based on a study by the CDC, drowning is the main cause of deaths of kids aged one to 4 years. It is the number two cause of deaths of children between the age of 5 and 9. Statistics from the National data confirmed that over 700 kids below the age of 15 drowned in 2017. It is assumed the figures could be lower if, during such emergencies, more people had acquired online CPR recertification courses.

How Accurate are These Figures?

While collecting such data, the researchers did isolate their research into certain ethnic groups as the research was intended to confirm the age groups of those who were at a greater risk of dying from drowning. Based on the USA Swimming Foundation, 45% of Hispanic children and 65% of African American children know very little about swimming while only 40% of white children have no swimming ability. The best news to know is that more people are enrolling in online CPR recertification courses and most kids who drown may be saved in the future.

Can We Reduce Such Figures?

Just recently, a report by the American Academy of Pediatrics gave a clear outline of the tips and guidelines on how to minimize drowning in kids. Some of the safety precautions they recommended include emptying buckets, being a bit vigilant during bath times, and using pools to train kids on how to swim. Encouraging kids to learn CPR was mentioned as the most important thing every parent should do as it gives them the knowledge and skills to save the lives of their friends when emergencies such as drowning occur.

Things to Understand

Every second that passes after someone has drowned can greatly impact their survival chances. If anyone drowns, trying to save them while you have no first aid or CPR training is strongly advised against. This is because you end up risking their lives more and chances are high you will fasten their death process. When such a danger strikes, you are strongly advised to first call 911. If you cannot do it, get anyone around you to do the calling. But before that, ask around if there is anyone who has CPR training so they can start the lifesaving process.

Even if there is no one equipped with the skills to handle CPR and first aid procedures, it is important to get the victim out of the water and place them in a safer place. Try monitoring their breathing to know if they are still alive. In the event you discover that their breathing is abnormal, you should start CPR immediately.

CPR is only made for those who understand what it means, so we encourage more people to get CPR training as it will help reduce the number of deaths that result from emergencies. According to the American Heart Association, when doing CPR for a drowning victim, the best techniques to apply are rescue breaths and chest compressions.

Is Formal First Aid and CPR Training That Important?

You can equip yourself physically and mentally to handle emergencies and become a savior in your family and even for strangers. Enrolling for formal training to uncover the ropes of giving first aid equips you to handle any situation that requires it. Let us discuss the core benefits of formal CPR and first aid online training.

Get Prepared as a Parent

Watching your kids grow into the men or women you have ever wished them to be is not an easy process. You are bound to face many challenges, most of which will require you to apply some CPR skills to save their lives like in the case of drowning as explained above. Enrolling for CPR courses will equip you with the knowledge to handle any emergencies, which come your way during the growth process of your kids.

Empower Yourself for Challenges

There are many instances in the lives of parents when emergencies happen, and sadly most of them have no idea of what to do. During such times, the lives of loved ones are exposed to great danger since if they don’t get instant medical attention, it can lead to premature deaths. When you learn the art of giving first aid by enrolling for classes online, you will have the confidence and empowerment to save lives when emergencies like drowning occur.
It really feels good knowing that you have what it takes to save a life when nobody else can. After learning CPR, you will get the skills and empowerment needed to save lives when the unexpected happens. There are online CPR training courses you can enroll in today and start your journey to learn the basics of offering CPR and first aid to victims of unexpected emergencies like drowning.

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