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Reliance Hospital Mumbai is “Patient and Family-Centric,” from its architectural architecture to its day-to-day operations. All of the rooms in our multi-specialty tertiary care hospital receive direct sunshine, which is a critical component of patient care and consistent with our directive: Respect for Life. It features cutting-edge planning, design, architecture, and infrastructure. The AIA design standards, ASHARE for HVAC, NFPA for Medical Gases, the American Disability Act, AERB for Radiation & Nuclear Medicine, and the Drug Controller of India for the Blood Bank are all met by this facility. Know more about the hospital on Credihealth. You can get information on all the best oncologists that work here and choose the one you think best suits your needs.

More about Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy is a effective type of cancer treatment that employs high-energy beams to destroy cancer cells. Radiation treatment is most commonly done with X-rays, however, protons or other kinds of radiation can also be employed. Radiation therapy harms cancerous cells by destroying the genetic material that regulates cell growth and division. While radiation therapy damages both healthy and malignant cells, radiation therapy aims to harm as few normal, healthy cells as possible. Normal cells can frequently heal a large portion of the damage caused by radiation.

External beam radiation treatment is often administered using a linear accelerator, which is a machine that sends high-energy radiation beams into your body. The linear accelerator travels around you as you lie on a table, delivering radiation from various angles. The linear accelerator may be customized for your specific circumstance so that it provides the exact amount of radiation that your doctor has prescribed. Each therapy session should last between 10 and 30 minutes. A single therapy may be used in some situations to assist alleviate pain or other symptoms associated with more advanced malignancies.

The negative effects of radiation treatment vary depending on which area of your body is exposed to radiation and how much radiation is utilized. You might have no side effects or you could have numerous. Most adverse effects are brief, manageable, and typically resolve when therapy is completed. Some adverse effects may appear later on. In rare cases, new cancer (second primary cancer) that is distinct from initial cancer treated with radiation may emerge years later. Inquire with your doctor about any potential adverse effects, both short and long-term, that may develop as a result of your therapy.

If you’re having radiation therapy for a tumor, your doctor may want you to have frequent scans thereafter to assess how your cancer has reacted to the treatment. In certain circumstances, your cancer may react immediately to therapy. In other situations, your cancer may not respond for weeks or months. Radiation treatment does not assist everyone. To understand the treatment better, log on to the Credihealth website now and get an online consultation with the best doctors in the country.

Radiation Oncology Department –

Reliance Hospital Mumbai‘s Radiation Oncology Department is a pioneer in cancer research and education. With cutting-edge technology and clinical experience covering the full range of cancer treatments, our department is dedicated to providing the greatest services at the most economical costs. 

Extensive preparation has been made to ensure that no stone is left unturned in procuring cutting-edge technology to assist in providing patients with rapid and accurate diagnoses. They are pleased to have the country’s first True beam STX Linac with a 6 D couch and an EDGE SRS package capable of delivering high precision radiation treatments such as SRS, SCRT, SBRT, IGRT, IMRT, Rapid arc, and so on. They are one of the few centers in the country that can provide 4D-respiratory gating-based radiation treatment and employ Calypso technology for real-time motion tracking. With the newest 24 channel remote loading HDR equipment and 3D planning system, the department also provides brachytherapy for all locations (Gamma MedplusIX).

Reliance Hospital Mumbai’s radiation oncology department provides high precision radiation treatments such as:

Book an appointment for any of these services or a consultation at discounted rates only on Credihealth. Get in-depth knowledge about everything cancer-related here.

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