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Every Elder wants to live in their own house once they have retired. They have been working hard to have a peaceful and hassle-free life for all those years. No one wants to leave a place that they have known and the people they made connections with for so many years, as it’s hard to adjust in new surroundings with strange people once you have grown old. Not just that having someone care for you at home will yield low cost as well compared to sending your parents to a senior care home.

In many metro cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad etc, you can see that most of the elders have gone companies that provide services like senior home care services in Hyderabad and other cities like that. Having so many positive compared to a senior care home, let’s have a look at some of the best home care companies in 2019:



#1 Nurse Next Door

A company based in California, Carlsbad to be specific, that offers services like Live in and All-day care to the elders who’ll opt for them. In essence, these two services are not alike, though they do sound similar, a live-in service is a type where the elder only need the presence of someone in the day or night just so they would feel like they aren’t alone. While an all-day care service refers to a service where the elders need help in most of the daily tasks from the caregiver.

#2 Anvayaa

One of the best elder care service provider in India. They provide services in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai at your fingertips. You can find services like Eldercare services, Caretaker services, Cook at-home services, Care for senior parents in Hyderabad, assisted living and much more. Anvayaa believes in providing services at any time of the day, no matter if you don’t live with your parents, your parents will be taken care of with their best capabilities.

#3 Seniors Helping Seniors

The best thing about this company is that they focus on getting senior caretakers to take care of seniors. By doing this, the senior would be more comfortable as they were being with people of the same age as compared to when they’ll be with younger caretakers. This company has a lot of good reviews online as well. They provide services like providing help from seniors and help to get in contact with your elders from time to time from long distances.

#4 Home Instead

Mainly focused on seniors with Alzheimer disease, also provides subsidies for elders with the same issue. All the caretakers are trained well while keeping the focus on Alzheimer’s disease. They have different franchises also that take in caretakers with a detailed screening process. Home instead also focuses on having mental health care on top of its priority list.

#5 Visiting Angels

This company mainly focuses on providing health care services after a surgery or any kind of operation. The caregivers will focus on having the elder start having their social engagement active while recovering as we know stating hospitalized for a long time separates us from the world and it becomes hard to catch up with time if you are out of the game for a while. They also offer care services that are mainly based on elders with Alzheimer’s disease.

#6 Comfort Keepers

A company that’s is known for its best services for transportation. Comfort Keepers is one of the highly-rated elder care services available out there. They provide services like Complimentary response system for emergency cases and they provide each elder with a specially designed elder care services enabled mobile and tablets.

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