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Broccoli is considered to be a super food filled with nutrients and antioxidants that support human health. It one of the food that comes into our mind when we think of healthy and clean eating. Broccoli resembles to a miniature version of a tree and plant species known as Brassica Oleracea. Known to belong from a cauliflower family, one needs to be careful while cutting. This green vegetable is basically a branched vegetable with mostly green flower buds. It is basically a bounty of nutrients. A single cup of cooked broccoli provides 250% of the target for vitamin k on a daily basis. This helps for stronger bones and prevents blood clot.

Broccoli can be used in broccoli soup or while cooking pasta, pizza topping to name a few. You could look to buy organic from a known source that deals in organic vegetables. Samgri is a popular store looking to export exotic vegetables to international market.

Broccoli have various health benefits. Some of them are as follows

  1. Reduction in risk of cancer

Broccoli being a Cruciferous vegetable contains high level of antioxidants that help to prevent the cell damage that leads to cancer in our body. Scientists have also suggested that as broccoli is a cruciferous vegetable it can be used for ‘green chemoprevention’. In this people could use the whole vegetable or extracts from it to help prevent cancer. Other vegetable that have similar properties to broccoli are cauliflower, Kale,sprouts, Brussels to name a few.


  1. Better immunity

Broccoli is high of vitamin C. The benefits of vitamin c are ample. It supports the immune system and along with that it prevents diseases like cardiovascular, cancer, anemia and cataracts.


  1. Better Bone Health

For stronger bones calcium is extremely essential. Adding to that calcium and collagen work perfectly together to make your bones stronger. In order to produce collagen the body needs vitamin c, which is quite highly present in Broccoli.

Broccoli also contains vitamin K which plays a role in blood coagulation. There are chances that people who have less vitamin k levels might experience problems with bone formation. Since broccoli has vitamin k it surely keeps your bone stronger.


  1. Digestion

Broccoli contains dietary fibre which helps to promote regularity, it prevents constipation and also maintains a healthy digestive tract. A screening trial in 2015 found that people who consume high levels of fibre were less likely to develop colorectal cancer.


  1. Detoxification

As mentioned above that broccoli is high in fibre, therefore it can easily get rid of toxins. Adding to that it also has antioxidants which help in the overall detoxification of the body.

Broccoli contains isothiocyanates that helps the body to detox at a genetic level.


  1. Anti-ageing

Rich in vitamin c and antioxidants helps prevent anti-ageing. These antioxidants help to fight the radicals that are the reason for ageing. Having broccoli in your meal regularly helps to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, skin problems, pigmentation and many more.


  1. Heart health

Broccoli contains fibres, fatty acids, vitamins which are great for heart health as it helps in regulating blood pressure in our body. It helps in protecting the blood vessels from damaging and also reduces bad cholesterol which leads to a having a healthy heart.


Tips to add broccoli to your meal

Broccoli in itself has very less taste. But one needs to incorporate it into the meal to get the taste of it. Therefore adding something with it will give it flavour and will also help our body to get all the required nutrients to fight various diseases. It can be eaten raw by dipping in hummus, or tahini. Make a whole broccoli soup to get the goodness of its properties of this wonderful fruit. To get more nutrients you can steam broccoli and add olive oil or a savoury nut butter sauce. You can add this into your everyday salad or even wraps so that the flavour comes out well.

It can also be added in your everyday smoothies. You can blend it or add small chopped broccoli pieces into baked food or pesto or any other homemade food. A new incorporation of broccoli is it’s powder. It’s a new trend of broccoli coffee. These are a few ways you can incorporate broccoli into your everyday meal to get the benefits of its components. Samagri is an international exporter of fresh figs exporters from India and other fresh fruits and exotic vegetables. Organic broccoli will be free from pesticides and fresh to consume.

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