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It is important to explore all the options while undergoing any type of surgery. Before deciding to get plastic surgery it is very important to do deep research into choosing the best clinic and the best surgeon. Women choose to get breast implants to enhance their overall beauty. Every person wants to be in good shape that improves their self-confidence. Getting a breast implant is a personal decision, many women think about it but they get worried about the cost. Therefore we need to discuss whether a breast implant is a good investment or not.

Why do women get breast implants?

Breast asymmetry is very common in women that can affect their overall appearance. Sometimes there is a subtle difference but in some, the difference is quite obvious and is noticed that leads to the loss of self-esteem and embarrassment. Some women have smaller breasts and they want larger breasts to enhance their overall look. At some stage of age, women experienced sagging breasts. Due to increasing age, skin starts losing its elasticity that causes loose skin, and leads to droopy breasts. The only solution to those sagging, asymmetrical, and small breasts is a surgical treatment. Plastic surgery helps to restore the breasts into a youthful and supple appearance. Breast implant in Delhi is the best center for breast restoration surgery.

Types of Breast Implants

Silicone Breast Implants: – They are the most popular implants being used by many plastic surgeons for their patients. Silicone breast implants are soft and give a natural breast tissue feeling. These are highly recommended implants by Dr. Amit Gupta.

Saline Breast implants: – These implants are filled with sterile salt water. Some saline breast implants come pre-filled and some are filled during the implantation.

Both types of implants come in different sizes and shapes depending on the choice of the patients. Both the implants have their advantages and disadvantages, so it is better to discuss them with your surgeon before the surgery.

The procedure of Breast Implant Surgery

For the surgery of breast implants, the women should be above 18 years. Always choose a board-certified surgeon who has several years of experience in plastic surgery. There are fewer complications if you’ll be treated by a well-qualified surgeon. The duration takes up to 2-3 hours under local or general anesthesia. The surgeon marks the portion where the incision will be done and then he/she cuts the marked portion. Then the implant is put under the breast tissue to make the breast look fuller. Stitching is required to close the cuts. The patient can go home on the same day of the surgery.

Recovery after Breast Implant Surgery

The recovery time depends on the size of the operation and varies among people. After the operation, the surgeon put bandages to avoid swelling around the breasts and these bandages remain worn for a few days. After the removal of the bandages, the activities like driving, exercising especially for the upper body are highly restricted for up to one week. After 3 weeks of the surgery, the patient can get back to her normal activities. The patient can see the final appearance of the breast in a month.

Breast Implant Surgery in India

With recent studies, India has become the hub of all types of surgery with the availability of all the advanced medical equipment. Breast implants in India are available at very reasonable rates and have become the most popular surgeries these days. Many female patients are visiting Indian hospitals and clinics to restore their breasts’ shape as the cost of breast implant surgery in India is lower than the other countries.

India has a number of cosmetic hospitals and clinics that are offering the best cosmetic surgeries with the best medical facilities. All these facilities are equipped with advanced technologies. Divine Cosmetic Surgery is one of the best clinics for breast implants in India where you’ll find a team of well-trained surgeons along with one and only Dr. Amit Gupta. The results are 100% successful which is attracting many patients from outside India.

Investing in Breast Implant Surgery in India  

As discussed above medical tourism in India is increasing day by day because of the cost which is lower and the satisfactory results the patients get. In Divine Cosmetic Surgery, they put patients’ safety first therefore they use all the modern and advanced equipment full of safety measures. Breast implant in Delhi at Divine Cosmetic Surgery is very safe which is performed under a board-certified surgeon Dr. Amit Gupta who has more than 17 years of experience in performing surgeries. Investing in breast implant surgery in India is a good choice to reconstruct the breasts and get your body in shape with those fuller breasts. The highly skilled and experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Amit Gupta thoroughly examines the patient before the surgery and discusses the types and size of the implants. Feel free to ask about your queries, it is very important to know about the surgeon and make yourself comfortable.

Is Warranty of Breast Implant Surgery Required?

However, the breast implant in India is the safest surgery performed under highly skilled surgeons. The patient must ask for the warranty card of the implants where the details are written about the size, type of the implants, and complete details of the implants. The name of the surgeon is also mentioned in the warranty card just for further records. From anywhere in the world, the patient should insist on the warranty card. In Divine Cosmetic Surgery patients, safety is the priority, so they always give the warranty card to their patients and ask them to visit without hesitation if they feel any complications during and after the recovery period that makes it the best clinic of breast implant in Delhi. Dr. Amit is not only expertized in breast implant he has also expertise in tummy tuck, liposuction as well as Gynecomastia, and hair transplant in Delhi.

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