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“The hair is the richest ornament of women,” said Martin Luther. However, nowadays, there is no gender biasedness in terms of hair as men also prefer smooth and shiny hair. Due to this, they have also started using shampoo, conditioner, spa cream, spray, masque etc. Moreover, due to the advent of new technology, the market has flooded with a lot of hair products either herbals or artificial. Most of the shampoos are made to treat different diseases as per human hair with more medical research. For example, Ketomac shampoo is made for multifarious benefits such as hair fall, anti-dandruff, hair growth and many more and in India, ketoconazole shampoo price is cheaper than other product.

Precautions related to applying this shampoo: –

1). Pregnancy: Pregnant women should concern their doctor regarding this shampoo. After that, they ought to apply such kind of products.

2). During breastfeeding: The women’s who had given birth to a baby should concern to their doctor for using this product as it can be a bit harmful to the newly born baby.

3). Burning sensitive area: Although it is available in huge quantity in a small single bottle, it should be used in a little quantity in single time use as excessive usage may lead to redness or roughness of hair.

Hence, these are indications and precautions which must be considered before using Ketomac shampoo. Apart from this, it is the best ketoconazole shampoo for dandruffwhich provides the best results in a very short period but only if used on regular intervals. Use this product on the scalp and massage it properly to form lather and clean the hair properly. The important point is to keep using it even if your dandruff goes off. This is to prevent the reoccurrence of dandruff.

The consumer can use this product for over the period as the longevity of these items is a minimum of 3 years. So, it can be kept in a dry and cool place for long years. Lastly, the Ketomac dandruff shampoo is the best not only for dandruff menace but also for hair fall and it also helps in reconstructing the hair.

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