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There are so many diets today that people are getting into it. Many of these diets focus on weight loss, but do you realize that there are diets that are adapted to detoxify the whole body? Yes, detoxification of the body involves living a healthy lifestyle and following a nutritious eating plan. To help you, these are some of the popular diet types that can help you rid your body of toxins.

Diuretic diet

The first body detox diet is diuretic diet. The goal of this diet is to help the body secrete fluids primarily through the urinary system. It can also reduce a certain amount of body fat. The food options of this detox diet are melon, parsley, artichoke, celery, watercress, asparagus, dandelion and juniper berries. Coffee and tea are very good diuretic drinks, just be sure to choose the types that are good for the body.

Hallelujah diet

The following is diet Hallelujah, which consists only of raw foods. People may see this toll diet as a huge change in eating habits, although there is an opportunity to allow 15% of their food consumption to be cooked, which should only be taken at the last meal of the night. This diet has no breakfast in your meal plan, although you can choose to drink fresh vegetable juices as an alternative. You may have difficulty adjusting to this diet, but you can do it gradually by replacing your breakfast with fresh fruit and vegetable salads and milk.

Juiec quickly

Juiec Fast is another type based on liquids. Basically, you can drink fruit and vegetable juices or a mixture of both. Not only is this helpful in the search for whole-body detoxification, but it can also provide the body with the necessary amounts of enzymes, vitamins and minerals. Acquired enzymes are of great help in the digestive processes of the body, where the production of other digestive enzymes can be minimized.

Master cleanse diet

Another detox diet is the Master Cleanse diet. As in the previous diet, drink a special blend, which is a blend of cayenne pepper, maple syrup and lemon juice in a glass of water. You may be wondering what sweet maple syrup does in the mix, but don’t worry, it’s proven that it controls the toxins stored in the body as fat and turns them into energy that can be used later.

Mono Fruit Detox Diet

A body detox diet that lives on eating only one type of fruit is an enox fruit-detox diet. This is done to stabilize the body’s pH level and keep the body sugar at a healthy level. Amniotic fluid also removes toxins and helps cleanse the body’s cells. This diet is good as long as you want.

Raw food detox diet

In the end, the raw food detox diet keeps metabolism in good working order and strengthens the immune system thanks to the intact vitamins and minerals from raw foods. These nutrients are lost when food is cooked, and with this diet, the proportion of potassium and sodium is adjusted to a good level.

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