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Natural remedy is the best when it comes to protection of overall vision and eye while maintaining its optimum health. Nutrient-rich diet, active lifestyle and regular check-ups at the doctor can actually improve eye health however, these are just a few shortcuts and no matter how effective these can be, they don’t treat or resolve underlying issues. Have a look at some of the most common eye diseases and how to have them treated on time. 

Macular Degeneration 

Also known as “Age-Related Macular Degeneration”, the anomaly commonly occurs at later stages in life when the macula in the retina begins collapsing thus resulting in loss of vision. There’s also a gradual decline in a person’s ability to see fine details and identify colours. It’s highly recommended to consult the doctor the moment first sign of AMD emerges. 


This particular condition impacts the corneal curvature. For the light to reach the retina perfectly, cornea needs to be perfectly curved whereas astigmatism results in irregular arc, negatively impacting the vision. The condition results in dual focal points which make objects appear close and blur when at a distance. 

Do remember that various eye exercises are a specific form of treatment and prevention that you can do anywhere anytime but it requires patience as natural remedy and treatment route isn’t all that quick. You might get prescriptive lenses for vision improvement but they won’t treat astigmatism. 


Millions around the world are affected by cataracts however, most of the recorded cases happen among the elderly and or babies. During the condition, the eye lens begins to cloud thereby unable to transmit light properly and effectively. For the prevention of cataracts, be sure to get all the right and essential eye boosting nutrients. Even if there’s a problem, post-cataract surgery, the doctor might suggest a vitrectomy surgery or perhaps some natural supplements. 


Pink eye as known in common; conjunctivitis occurs due to inflammation of the blood vessels in the eyelids. The swelling itself is triggered by bacteria or virus exposed directly to the open eye; and can be contagious if you touched the unaffected eye with the same hands as that of the infected. 

Most common patients of this particular eye disorder are school-aged children who are exposed to many different forms of bacteria. This is one reason why schools along with the parents need teaching the children the value of washing hands. 


Just as the name implies, retinopathy or “diabetic retinopathy” is retinal disorder most common among the diabetic patients due to excess blood sugar in the body. Over time, blood vessels within and around the eyes are clogged whereby new ones may grow however these are often leaky and ineffective. People with Type 1 and 2 diabetes are likely to suffer from retinopathy lose their vision if left untreated but can be prevented via proper medical treatment. 

Although many different forms of eye diseases exist, the above are some of the most common known around the world. 

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