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Age increases your risk of certain health problems. Your body becomes less strong and more vulnerable to a variety of chronic conditions when you reach the age of 50. This is the right time to become more attentive to your physical and mental health. Fortunately, you can avoid certain age-related health problems by making healthy choices and changing your lifestyle. 

Keep reading if you want to discover 7 most critical health mistakes that women can make after the age of 50.

1. Practice poor sleeping regimen

Getting enough sleep is very important when you become older. Lack of sleep can stress your body and deplete your body of essential minerals like magnesium. This also depletes you of mood-regulating nutrients like B1. Lack of sleep can result in low energy levels, fatigue, mood swings, depression, and anxiety. You need to make your night’s sleep a priority. In your 50s, you need to sleep about eight hours and practice sleep hygiene. 

2. Neglect mental health

Perimenopause years make you more prone to depression due to hormonal fluctuations. Symptoms of perimenopausal depression include mood swings, anxiety, and loss of enjoyment. To ensure your well-being you need to be proactive about your mental health. If you feel depressed, talk to your friends or relatives about it. You may require professional mental help if depression symptoms are severe. 

3. Skip gynecological screenings

Some women start ignoring their gynecological health after childbirth or menopause. It is important to visit your gynecologist regularly as you become older. Age increases your risk of serious pelvic health problems. After the age of 50, you need to start thinking about seeing a gynecologist who has expertise in cancer and chronic pelvic disease management. 

4. Skip stretching exercises

Pre-workout stretching is very important for everyone, but especially for those over 50. As you age, you become more prone to serious injuries. Stretching can help you decrease the risk of injury during a workout. If muscles aren’t stretched they cannot maintain a normal range of motions while you are training. This can contribute to the development of stress points and cause tendonitis. Make sure to stretch every time before and after a workout. 

5. Ignore heart health

After menopause, most women focus on issues like breast or ovarian cancer but forget about heart health. Heart condition is the number one cause of premature death in both men and women. When you age you become more prone to health problems that can contribute to heart issues. 

The doctor can check the cholesterol levels and prescribe a treatment to decrease the risk of heart attack and heart failure. Make sure to maintain your heart health and visit a cardiologist regularly. 

6. Drink too much caffeine

It can be difficult for your body to metabolize caffeine the same way when you become older. By consuming too much caffeine after the age of 50, you increase your risk of palpitations or tachycardia. These are conditions associated with a high heart rate (above 100 beats per minute). It is crucial to decrease the intake of caffeinated beverages when you become older. This will help you ensure heart health and overall wellbeing. 

7. Ignore bone health

After menopause, your bones lose their density. After menopause, your estrogen levels decrease. Estrogen is the main guardian of calcium storages in your body. As your estrogen levels decline, the body takes calcium from the skeleton leading to more brittle bones. To promote bone density you need to stay active and exercise. You may also discuss with your doctor whether calcium and vitamin D supplements would be beneficial for you.

It is very important to take care of your health when you become older. Certain health mistakes can decrease the quality of your life and even contribute to premature death. By avoiding the main health mistakes, you can ensure your health and longevity. 

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