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You likely heard that it’s important to visit a dental clinic for routine check-ups at least once a year if one wants to ensure their teeth and gums stay healthy. But why is actually so necessary to visit a dentist so often? Discover by reading more.

1. To avoid tooth decay 

Your dazzling pearly whites may never have cavities thanks to the thorough cleaning you receive at your dental exam. The exam part of your checkup may also help spot any tooth decay or oral infections in their initial stages. Untreated cavities get larger and eventually compromise your teeth’s inner layers, which can result in abscesses and even missing teeth. It’s important to keep in mind that getting your teeth cleaned by professional costs far less than getting an implant or even a filling.

2. To stop and treat oral infections 

The areas between your teeth and gums will be thoroughly evaluated by your dental specialist. The likelihood that oral infection is developing or is already present increases with the dept of those areas. Shallow gaps between your gum line and your teeth indicate healthy gums. If your dentist finds that you have gingivitis, the early stage of gum disease, an infection may be stopped in its tracks with a quick thorough cleaning. On the other side, gum disease might eventually necessitate surgery if it is not diagnosed and addressed in time.

3. To get x-rays

Cavities between your teeth that your dentist would not ordinarily be able to notice with the unaided eye can be found using X-rays. They make it possible for dentists to examine what is going on within your mouth. A perfect illustration of this is the eruption of wisdom teeth, which may push the other teeth out of alignment and cause a variety of dental health issues. X-rays also help your doctor to assess the health of your jawbone. Ultimately, X-rays shield and stop any serious mouth problems or tooth damage.

4. To get your teeth properly cleaned 

Dental hygienists clean away any plaque that has accumulated on your enamel. Even if you practice proper dental hygiene at home, there may be certain areas that you are overlooking. Hygienists can do a superior cleaning along the gum line and in between your teeth, especially if you have crooked or closely spaced teeth. Even the most ardent and cautious brushers and flossers may have plaque and tartar that can only be removed by a professional. Plaque, a thin sticky film of bacteria, may lead to tooth decay, oral infections, and a range of other dental problems if left untreated.

5. To prevent or diagnose dangerous medical conditions 

Mouth cancer is frequently found during routine dental exams.  This type of cancer is frequently treated in its early stages, but without regular dental examinations, it may become too late to prevent the potentially fatal illness. The only way to be sure you don’t have cancer in your mouth is to schedule a checkup with an experienced tooth practitioner. Your dentist may also be able to detect other prevalent and dangerous conditions like vitamin insufficiency or diabetes.

6. To ensure your teeth are developing properly 

Who is the first to notice that you require braces, have any problems with your bite, require tooth extraction, or are having your wisdom teeth erupting the wrong way? These kinds of findings are made by your dentist during routine dental checkups. Your specialist also checks for any discoloration and the appropriate amount of space between your teeth. You want your teeth to be flawlessly white and your smile to be perfectly aligned, and seeing your dentist frequently is the best way to accomplish both.

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