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The road to recovery is challenging and long for individuals who suffer from addiction. Getting through the hurdles of addiction requires both mental and physical strength.

But there are several medical facilities and treatment centers that offer aid to get rid of this vicious cycle. Whether it is the inpatient or intensive outpatient program California and in other places, the treatment options are several.

However, one massive obstacle that lies in between you and your goal to become sober is preventing relapse. Relapse is a common occurrence among patients who are trying to get sober.

It is the top most reason why most of the patients fall back into the old pattern of addiction even after successfully completing their treatment process. Here we present you crucial ways with the help of which one can prevent relapse after the successful completion of treatment procedure.

1.Making life altering changes

There’s a crucial reason why an individual gets involved in drug or alcohol abuse in the first place. Stress, triggers, negative influences are some of the common reasons found among patients suffering from such addictions.

Hence, if you don’t start making changes in your life to get rid of these ill attributes then relapse is unavoidable even after your treatment. You have to strive forward to realize this vicious patterns of your life and make the necessary alterations.

2.Participation in support groups

Sounds like a cliche move but it is definitely an effective way to prevent relapse. Even during the process of treatment, Support groups are included as one of the vital coping mechanism to deal with addiction.

Addiction is a battle that cannot be won on your own. You need the aid of professional help along with the support of individuals that encourage and inspire you to be better.

Support groups offer just that in patients who are struggling with addiction. Being an active participant of support groups proves to be an effective measure for avoiding relapse.

3.Surrounding yourself with friends and family

Another major contribution for the occurrence of a relapse is leading a lonely life. You may be clean for now but if you continue to push away your friends and family then soon you will fall back into your old ill habit of addiction.

It is extremely vital for a person suffering from addiction to become sober. After long treatment sessions one can finally win this battle. However, if the person continues to lead a lonely life then relapse is inevitable to prevent.

This is the reason why you need to surround yourself with family and friends as much as possible. Being in the presence of loved ones can help majorly to avoid relapse.

4.Creating relapse prevention plan

It is an unhidden fact that relapse is a high probability occurrence for patients who have a history of alcohol and substance abuse. Therefore, for your betterment itself it is essential to create a relapse prevention plan in association with professional help.

You will be able to lower the chances of relapse in a systematic and professional way by creating a Relapse prevention Plan.

Choose your life instead of falling right back into the vicious loop of relapse. Even after your inpatient or Intensive outpatient program California and in other places, you are required to follow the above steps to avoid relapse.


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