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In modern medicine, there is no topic more controversial and scandalous than stem cells. Beauty salons promise to magically rejuvenate and heal customers with cellular methods and scientists are sounding the alarm. Terrible warnings and chilling stories about the adverse effects of such treatment are often heard in the press. So what is a stem cell, an elixir of eternal youth and health or another myth?

Myth 1. Stem Cells is an Anti-Aging Medicine

Active aging begins at the age of 15 and its highest rates are observed at the age of 20. At the ages of 40-50, the speed with which wrinkles appear and the body loses its elasticity decreases. The cure for old age and disease has not yet been found. As for stem cell therapy, the hype around them is more likely to be associated with big money than with unprecedented results.

The minimum course of 4 injections in a Swiss clinic costs about 15 thousand euros. The patient, of course, will return home rested, rejuvenated, full of strength, and vitality. But this effect is largely due to the healing climate and the fabulously luxurious atmosphere, daily massage with quiet music, and aromatic baths.

The stem cells in the restoration of vitality will have very small merit. The fact is that they can not reverse the biological time and all the stories about the rejuvenating effect of stem cell therapy are nothing more than a myth.

Myth 2. Stem Cells Are a Cure for All Diseases

The excitement for stem cell therapy began in 2001-2002. Then, at a breakneck pace, medical centers and clinics began to appear offering similar technologies. But many of them weren’t really honest since it requires colossal financial resources, ultramodern equipment, and licensed technologies to isolate real stem cells and make products based on them. Most clinics didn’t have anything like that at all.

Myth 3. Stem Cells Guarantee Long-Lasting Results

Mesotherapy is very popular in beauty salons, the introduction of cellular preparations into the facial skin and neckline. But what is it and where did they come from? A thorough examination showed that in most cases, no more than 2% of living cells were in the injection material and 98% were biologically active cellular components.

Doubtful drugs cause horrible side effects but even with the introduction of stem cells, the result is unpredictable. This is such a new and unexplored method that today there are no standards for cellular material and proven methods for its clinical use.

Cosmetologists have a hard time accurately dosing an injectable preparation containing fibroblasts. If antibiotics or vitamins are prescribed to the patient, the doctor can clearly tell how much medicine to take and the cellular material is introduced as the cosmetologist wants! If the cosmetologist doesn’t introduce enough cells, there will be no visible effect. If they inject too much, then scars may form in the places of injection.

Even if for injection were used fibroblasts or real stem cells and the dosage was right, you need to understand what this biological material is capable of. The effect of using stem cells is very short-lived, a maximum of 1–1.5 years.

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