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Woohoo!! So you have finally committed to staying fit, losing some weight and looking fabulous. We are sure that is the only reason that has landed you here! Weight loss routine requires utmost punctuality, honesty and discipline in your life. But do keep in mind nothing is impossible if you are committed to your fitness goals no matter what kind of effort it requires. And therefore we are geared up to help you lose weight but healthily and naturally.

Listed below are some easy and practical ways that can help you lose weight in a healthy way :


Firstly, Our Indian diets lack a lot of protein, which is the building block of the body. This makes our body protein-deficient thereby slowing down the metabolism in the body. Breakfast like a king and dinner like a beggar is one justified statement for your weight loss regime. Eat a high protein breakfast with nuts and seeds.

Sugar, Salt And Refined flour are your three enemies, and you must be cautious here. Avoid sugary liquids and juices with added sugar in it. However, do not just cut out on sugar else you might faint due to low glucose levels in the body.

Keep yourself full with a big glass of water all gulped up right before your meal. This will make you eat less, and you can manage your calories well.

Avoid a carb-rich diet as it makes for a calorie surplus in the body. Eat less of bananas, potatoes, white rice and other carb-rich food items. Focus more on your protein intake in the form of pulses, eggs, chicken breast etc.

You can also try out weight loss tablets which will help you in your weight loss regime. Look out for some of the best weight loss pills that are surely going to amp up your weight loss routine. Do consult a doctor or a healthcare practitioner for the right dosage.

If you think eating fat can harm your body, you are surely wrong! Consume healthy fats like ghee and give your body the essential fats required for its nourishment and proper functioning.

Workout, workout and workout! Try to be active and do not let lethargy and tiredness be your friend. Take out some time, approximately 1 hour every day, for a proper hardcore workout suiting your weight loss routine.

Who told you to eat less and you’ll be slimmer? Well, that is not true. You need to take a balanced diet whilst keeping your calories managed. Keep a count on every meal that you are consuming in a day and keep the calories counted.

Eat slow and chew your food properly for better digestion. Eating your meals quickly can lead to gaining weight over time. Whereas eating and chewing your food slowly will keep you full for longer and also help in the release of weight-reducing hormones in the body.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that you have to keep yourself pumped up, happy & motivated while you have taken this up!

Stay Disciplined, follow a proper routine, and if needed, consult a dietician or a nutritionist for a balanced meal plan suiting your weight loss routine. We are sure this article will help you achieve your fitness goals in just no time.

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